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Relationships come with several sacrifices from the two individuals involved. And endurance is always key if both parties want what they share to work. The truth is that being real with bae does not mean you should annoy her with your habits, you always have put your best foot forward to make her happy. See Disgusting things men do in relationships:

1. Morning bad breath:
Even if some couples find it romantic, others do not. If your partner does not appreciate it, always brush in the morning before showing her some love.

2. Not changing your underwear:
This is pure hygiene that so many guys still fail to take seriously. It is an annoying habit. Your underwear has to be changed every single day, no matter how clean you are.

3. Ego:
It is good to have self-worth, but when it gets excessive, it can be silly. Stop feeling like you are the best thing to happen in this world. Your woman will not like this and enduring such for long can be extremely difficult.

4. Farting:
To some people, this is normal since everyone farts. However, some ladies do not want you to do it in their presence. It could be because she is not used to it, or it simply disgusts her, you have to respect her wish if you really care about your partner.


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