Amid the pandemic, because everyone still needs to work and learn remotely using tech devices, the demand for tabs, PCs, smartphones, and other digital devices has increased drastically at the Lagos Computer Village market. As the Federal Government announced the steady easing of the 1-month lockdown in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun state, Nigerians whose devices got damaged during the lockdown rushed out to replace them.
According to PunchNG, this trend is in line with the forecast by analysts at International Data Corporation that the tab and computer shipments would see an almost 100 percent year-on-year growth in February 2020 as educational tablets demand figures were growing.

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The Public Relations Officer, Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria, Ademola Olaifa revealed that because of the increased demand and limited stock, vendors had to increase the prices of their products.
His words, “The market has been so good since Monday that we cannot meet the demand for some of our products. Our products from Asia are trickling in but not like what we experience before because the airport is not operational except for essential goods and our commodity does not fall in that category.”
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