I once heard someone say, “we all grieve differently,” and I think that is true. COVID-19 came in at a time when we never expected, and slowly, it has crept through economies disrupting lives and halting most activities.
You might have been hit with the highest blows of COVID-19; you lost your loved one, lost that million dollar contract, lost your job or let me say your freedom because of COVID-19 lockdown.
This is the best situation to hold on to the cliche; when life throws you lemons make lemonades out of them. Whatever the situation, whether your grief is mild or pungent, how do you fight the grief brought forth as a result of COVID-19?
In this post, I present to you three ways you can deal with COVID-19 grief.

1. Accept what you can’t control

Thankfully, none of the things happening is your fault. Everybody in the world is facing the impact of the coronavirus, so I do not see the reason you have to feel extremely remorseful because of this.
Yes, you have been affected in unimaginable ways, but if your grief can turn back the hands of time and prevent the emergence of COVID-19, then I will gladly encourage you to continue the grief and pity party.
Dealing with grief because of c
Pick up yourself, and never forget that what you allow into your life has the potential of affecting you positively or negatively. The choice is yours.

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2.  Seek counselling

Counselling can help relieve you in times of your grief. Most often, when you get someone with whom you can pour out your heart to, it is a starting point in relieving you of your grief. So don’t bear the burden alone and cry out your heart out if you can’t. Seek counselling


3. Living in the new

The reality is this; COVID-19 is now a global pandemic. The reality could be whatever might be causing your grief. So quickly adjust to live in the now, in your new reality. The faster you adapt to the situation, the faster you can overcome your grief. So instead of griefing, channel your energy into something productive, restrategize and see the way forward because there are better days ahead. Live in the new.
Have you learned something new? If yes, click here for more information about coronavirus and mental health.

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These points cannot guarantee an end to your grief.  But who knows what might happen; the change you want to see now should first start from within. Stay safe
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