Cyber Security, Design Sprint and Bitcoin Gold: AccraTech Talk is just days away

cyber security, accraTech, bitcoin gold

If your Friday evenings are best spent mingling with IT professionals to exchange ideas and glean information then, an AccraTech event is the place you’d want to be.

AccraTechGH is a weekly meet-up where IT professionals in Ghana network with each other, exchange ideas on resolving industry issues, programming challenges, share experiences and provide updates on the latest and trending developments within the global IT sector, and even establish business relationships.

The group’s next meeting under the theme “Cyber Security, Design Sprint and Bitcoin Gold” is scheduled for Friday 22nd June, 2018 – starting at 6pm to 9pm. For “early birds”, there will be a walk-in and networking session between 4pm and 5:45pm.

cyber security, accraTech, bitcoin gold

Speakers at the forum will be Ash Dastmalchi (How to find a Job in the Ghanaian Cybersecurity Workspace), Tinotenda Heather Mavunga (How to solve big problems and test new ideas using Design Sprints), and Richard Boappiah Asamoah (The Present and The Future of Bitcoin Gold).

The talks are geared towards industry professionals and the curious-minded alike, in order to help them make informed and smart choices whether relating to their careers or businesses.

In a recent post, you got to learn about the Linux Accra forum. Add AccraTechGH to your growing list and your weekends could become a lot more fun in a nerdy way.

Attendance is free and comes at no charge to you. For further information and enquiries, you can click here to visit their web portal. You can also register to be a speaker at any of their meet-ups.

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