The world of business is becoming more complex; business targets are becoming increasingly difficult to meet and getting information across to the right set of target audience is becoming a Herculean task for many enterprises. There is a plethora of information, advertisements, relevant and irrelevant content thrown at people across various communication channels, making it even more difficult for enterprises to reach their audiences optimally.
Almost everything and everyone is competing for the attention of the same set of people. These people are usually distracted by the magnitude of information around them. For this reason and others, enterprises need to become more strategic in how they attempt to reach their audiences. Also, they need to be aware of the current industry trends and consumer preferences. Accordingly, enterprises need to adopt suitable solutions. For e.g., these days, messaging has become the most utilized channel of communication, especially by millennials. Messaging has evolved and transitioned from SMS to data messaging, which is also known as IP (Internet Protocol) messaging. IP messaging is a two-way messaging channel over the internet (mobile data / Wi-Fi). It includes OTT (over-the-top) apps and RCS (Rich Communication Service). OTT apps include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Viber, etc. while RCS is the telecom carrier supported evolution of SMS, that works in the built-in Android messages app. These channels have the advantage of a huge, ever-growing user base of individuals which is now being leveraged by enterprises for A2P (Application-to-Person) and P2A (Person-to-Application) messaging.
An important aspect of enterprise communication is ‘Call-to-action’ which is a part of the message that helps to trigger or stimulate a direct, instant or positive response from the target audience for the disseminated information. However, in the past, ‘Call-to-action’ and ‘Feedback’ aspects of the communication process were difficult on a mobile. Due to this, enterprises did not have the opportunity to stimulate audiences into ‘call-to-action’ or have the provision to gain feedback.
But now, enterprises can reach out to their target audience using IP messaging channels. In developing or sending the messages, they can brand their identity adequately, develop most appropriate content or message, choose from an array of communication channels, manage the dissemination optimally, infuse ‘Call-to-action’ features and enablers, and obtain feedback, all in a seamless, efficient, highly affordable and result-oriented way.
With the advent of IP messaging, appealing services and features that enable real-time communication and sharing of rich media content like never before has become achievable. IP messaging is a modern channel of communication supporting sharing of images, audio & video files, location sharing, group chats, read receipts, provides transactional details and performance metrics. It improves the way enterprises converse with their audience by providing customized capabilities best suited for their need and to achieve the desired results.
Forward-thinking enterprises are always looking for ways to add value to their customers’ experiences. This is where Kirusa Konnect comes into play. The omnichannel communication platform brings about a unified experience for consumers across various channels such as messaging, voice, and rich media tools. It enables an enterprise to reach out to its consumers through their preferred communication channels. In turn, this helps in building a loyal customer base, and consumers connect better with the enterprise.
Businesses no longer have to worry about how to reach their varied set of target audience, how to develop uniform messages across various communication channels, sustain the interest and attention of consumers, get a response to their messages, develop affinity, and sustain and increase patronage. The Kirusa Konnect platform enables the integration of multiple communication channels into tailor-made solutions. And the beauty of it is that businesses can have all these, without paying through their noses and waiting for long development cycles: these advanced communication channels are far more affordable and faster than traditional forms of communications.

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