The 2019 edition of the ROBOMINE Competition by CUBE Robotics has been launched. This year’s competition is scheduled to take place on the 21st of September, 2019.
CUBE Robotics, the organiser of the event, has the vision of bringing to forth the ingenuity and unravel the potential of young engineers from Africa. It also seeks to solve social problems in Africa with the use of artificial intelligence and robotics.
To bring these talents and inventiveness to the lime-light, CUBE Robotics has set up the Ultimate Robotics Challenge. This challenge takes place every year to see how efficient the young engineers in Africa can utilise robotics technology to solve particular problems, and even improve the productivity of industrial Africa.
The Ultimate Robotic Challenge for this year is named ROBOMINE 2019. This year’s competition, as the name may suggest, will be focusing on the mining industry. The event is looking for the skills of learners in the mining industry.
The ROBOMINE 2019 Challenge will come in two rounds. Each of the rounds is worth 100 points.  The first round will be completed in 5 minutes. The final round (Round 2) will also end in 10 minutes.
Certificate of participation will be awarded to all participating teams. The team that wins, as well as the first and second runners up, will also be awarded accordingly.
ROBOMINE 2019 is taking place on the 21st of September, 2019. To join the completion, log on and register at  There are rules of the game for the participants. To know all the rules, head over to
To get a more detailed info about the ROBOMINE 2019 competition, . You can also contact the organisers, CUBE Robotics, via their email

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