Crucial elements of pop-up templates that make them effective

The pop-up window on the site still causes fierce controversy among marketers. Some experts are sure that this tool only does what irritates and thereby scares away users. Others believe that, despite some obsession, pop-ups bring a number of valuable benefits. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle.

Pop-ups can annoy people who have visited the site, after which they will surely leave the resource. But this will happen only if you use pop-ups clumsily, according to the principle “the more advertising, the better.” If you know the measure and follow certain rules, the use of such functionality will certainly increase conversion.

Why do I need a pop-up window?

There are 4 main tasks that are solved with the help of a pop-up window:

  • Collecting leads. The main purpose of such a window is to get the user’s contact information: phone number or email address. Then this data can be used in other marketing activities to promote customers through the sales funnel.
  • Informing. If you need to convey particularly important information to all visitors to the site. For example, you want to inform users about the company’s work schedule during the period of increasingly restrictive measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. Or just tell them that your office has moved.
  • Site navigation. In this case, you inform users about your offer and offer to go to the appropriate section of the site in order to study the information in more detail and take advantage of the offer.
  • Retention of the user on the site. When the user is about to leave your site and close the browser tab, you have nothing to lose, and you can try to keep the site users by showing them a pop-up window with an interesting offer.

The nature of pop-ups on the site

A pop-up window opens on top of the main page in the form of a square or rectangle and performs an informational or advertising function. As a rule, pop-up templates are designed to prompt the user to a certain action. A pop-up window on a website can be an effective tool if you correctly approach its creation. To do this, you should not use one type of pop-up window in all cases. The conversion rate will be low if one pop-up template is used on each page. For site visitors, this approach will only irritate them, and it is unlikely that the target action will be performed.

The approach to using the pop-up method changes over time. Technologies allow you to customize windows for a specific audience. Conversion rates will directly depend on what, where, to whom, and when you will show. Such targeted use of the pop-up window method makes it possible to increase the number of sales and increase the circle of its consumers.

It is undesirable to use windows that cannot be closed without subscribing or fulfilling other conditions. There will be no result from them, but the level of user loyalty to your product will decrease.

Before learning how to use it properly, let’s find out the most crucial elements of the pop-up.

Any pop-up window consists of the main elements:

  • The title is a short, succinct phrase that should reveal to the user the whole essence of your appeal at a glance. It is necessary to immediately voice the essence of the proposal described in the pop-up window. Examples: “Autumn 50% discount”, “We moved”, “Now we work on weekends”, “New arrivals of goods”.
  • Image – back up your offer with a suitable picture of the topic. It is possible to place the image, not in a separate block but to use it as the background of a pop-up window.
  • Main text – describe your offer in more detail. This is usually expressed in text or questionnaire format. The text should briefly reflect the essence of your offer, promotion, and so on.
  • Input field – fields for entering contact information for users who are interested in your offer.
  • The button “call to action”. An important part of the pop-up window. It can be represented by a button or a link. Encourages the user to act – subscribe to the newsletter, participate in the promotion, order a call, etc.
  • Window close button – if the user does not want to interact with the pop-up window but wants to close it and continue working with the site.
  • A check mark of consent to the processing of personal data is required if you collect user contact data.

Only the Title and the Close Window button are required. The remaining elements are used optionally.

pop-up window diagram
(Image credit: JBKlutse)

5 mandatory rules for creating a pop-up window on the site

To have a really useful tool, you don’t just need to know what the pop-up window is called and why it is used on the site. It is important to understand the goals solved with the help of pop-ups and follow the rules for creating a truly effective window.

  • Appearance. The design of the pop-up window should correspond to the general concept of the site and have a concise but attention-grabbing design. In addition, the user should not have any problems when using pop-ups. The interface should be made so that it guides and helps the client to make a quick decision.
  • Adaptability. A pop–up window is an element of the site that should work, including in mobile applications.
  • Relevance. The pop-up window when visiting the site should be shown only to those users who have not yet completed the target action or have not read all the preliminary information.
  • Unobtrusiveness. Do not offer the same thing several times if the user of your site has already closed the pop-up window. So you can cause a negative reaction, and instead of an action, the client will simply leave the site.
  • Clarity. Designate calls to action specifically so that there is no misunderstanding between you and the user. “Subscribe”, “Buy”, and “Go to the catalog of services” are examples of understandable appeals.

Technologies allow you to create pop-up windows with various settings. Such services offer various services for the development and installation of pop-up windows.

Competent development and configuration of pop-up windows will help to achieve high conversion. Only your thoughtful actions will be able to turn pop-ups from annoying ads into a really necessary and important way to increase sales and attract customers.

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