Cropping is a critical part of the entire process of recording a video and sharing it with others. Cropping allows you to alter your videos to make them look better. Whenever you record a video, it is highly unlikely that you get precisely what you want a minimal and there are no parts that you’d like to cut out. That way, if you know how to crop a video, you can easily cut out the unwanted parts. If you are a professional who uploads or shares videos through various platforms, it becomes more vital for you to be informed about it.
There are several reasons why you may need to crop videos:

1. Cut down the extra parts

Like already mentioned earlier, it is unlikely that you will be able to record precisely what you want to. When you record a video, there are high chances of it having certain parts that are not that important, and it would be better if you cut them out. This is the most essential reason for cropping.

You can go through the whole video you recorded and figure out which parts are unnecessary and need to be removed. You can easily select these parts and crop them out, without having any effect on the sections that you do want to keep.

2. The specific aspect ratio for different platforms

All the different social media platforms have a different set of specifications when it comes to aspect ratios. Aspect ratios are the ratios between a screen’s width and height. Social media platforms have different ratios based on the device used for accessibility.
If you want your video to be successful, you will have to change its aspect ratio every time you upload it to a different social media site so that its users can watch it in the proper dimensions.
Here are some of the most popular platforms and aspect ratios they generally use:

  • Instagram Stories: 9:16
  • Facebook In-Feed Video: 16:9, 9:16, 2:3, 4:5, 1:1
  • Twitter: Between 1:2.39 – 2.39:1

3. Remove Black Bars from a Video

When the aspect ratio of the video you are viewing is not the one that is compatible with your device’s aspect ratio, you’ll notice that black bars are appearing on the top, bottom, or sides of the video.
This might happen if you shoot the video on a device and then view it on another one without adjusting its ratio. It is vital to get rid of these bars; otherwise, the entire experience of watching the video will be ruined. You can quickly solve this problem by cropping the video.

Online cropping: A free solution for cropping videos

For people who want to find a quick solution to their cropping requirements, there are several sites that allow you to do so. There are some advantages to using these sites.

  • Free

The foremost benefit of cropping a video online is that it is free of cost. All you have to do is open the site, upload your video, and get to cropping. This helps save a lot of money.

  • No Installation Required

If You are in a hurry to crop your video, you won’t be able to spend time installing software on your device. In such a scenario, cropping on an online site will be helpful for you
There are also some cons of cropping videos online:

  • Limited Formats

You might need to change the file format of your video, depending on the request of the receiver. If you are using an online site, the format options will be limited for you.

  • Not ideal for long videos

When you use a site to crop videos, it will become difficult for you to upload a large-sized video onto it. This mainly happens due to the network speed combined with the fact that the sites are often not equipped to deal with large videos.

Should You Use a Desktop Software?

Keeping all of the points about online sites in mind, it becomes vital to understand when you can use them and when you need to use a particular video cropping software.
To crop a short video and not make any other changes, you can use an online site. However, most of the time, this won’t be the case. You’ll have to use software that is equipped to crop large-sized files and has advanced features. This will help you make your videos look better.
VideoProc is one such software. It is an excellent choice for editing your videos as you can do much more than merely cropping your videos.

Use VideoProc to Crop Your Videos

It is effortless to crop your videos using the VideoProc desktop software:

Open VideoProc on your desktop and drag the video you want to crop onto the software screen.

  1. Click on “Crop” under the “Edit Video” option.
  2. You need to drag the frame to select the area you want to crop.
  3. Simply click “Run” and your video will be cropped.

Yes, it’s that simple.
This video will help you get a better understanding of the process.

You can do much more than crop another option for  on VideoProc.

While cropping is a vital editing feature of the software, it’s not the only one. With VideoProc, you’ll be able to enhance the quality of your video by using features like:
Merge: You can merge two or more videos to create a sequence.
Sync: Adjust playback speed and audio volume for a better experience
Remove Noise: Easily remove unwanted background noise from your videos.
These are just some of the software’s features that make it one of the best video cutter. It also allows you to convert your files to and from almost all the popular media file formats used.
Go through this video to learn about all the features:


Recording videos, for both personal and professional use, has become an essential part of our lives. It allows us to capture amazing moments. By editing these videos properly, you’ll be able to enhance the entire viewing experience for yourself and others. Another option for cropping videos online is Biteable
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