A happy marriage is very scarce these days, but it is possible. As you already know, every successful relationship is built on love, respect, and happiness, so couples have to take the joy they derive from their partners very seriously. Let’s show you things couples in happy marriages should never do:
1. Don’t do everything with your husband or wife: According to PulseNG, even if couples doing a lot of things together is impressive, it is best if they have independent interests from time to time and learn to live apart from each other.
2. There is no perfect relationship: Be aware that every relationship involves different stages, and it is always vital to evolve your marriage rather than bothering about creating an ideal relationship. Worrying about a perfect relationship will make you concentrate on your partner’s flaws, which will not help either of you.
3. Don’t compare your spouse to other husbands/wives: Forget comparisons with others and accept the fact that your partner is special. To help with this, list ten things you love about your husband or wife that makes him or her unique. It could be qualities like intellect, physical attributes, gifts e.t.c.

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4. Do not hate yourself: Hating or not liking yourself is a recipe for disaster in a marriage. When you decide to love and accept yourself for who you are, you will relate better with your partner and find it easy to make him or her a better person.
5. Do not build your world around your partner: Individuality is essential in marriages. Chase your dreams, live your own life and try to accomplish some things outside the relationship. The best marriages are not couples who are attached. Instead, they are those who never lose themselves even after years of being together.
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