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No one gets used to traffic anywhere across the globe, you just do things to ease the stress and frustration. The truth is that being stuck somewhere in your country, unable to move, is not a palatable experience and victims will always need to do some things to lift their moods once they are in it. Here’s how to cope with the mean Lagos traffic:

1. It can be avoided: This is Lagos so you must be smart about things. There are rush hours in the state and these are the hours to avoid being on the road. Knowing the rush hours will help you find your way seamlessly to your destination. For instance, if you stay on the mainland and your office is on the island, you have to know the best time to leave the office.

2. Groove to some awesome music: A traffic playlist will not be a bad idea. Just jam your favorite music via your speakers if you own the car. If it is public transport, use a headset or earpiece.

3. Enjoy your movies: For Nigerians that use public transports, Netflix is your friend. Movies help you to pass time, and before you know it, you will reach your destination.

4. Buy some snacks: Traffic makes you hungry so munching on some snacks is a wise idea. Luckily for you, the sellers of these snacks take advantage of the traffic to make decent cash.

5. Google Maps is your friend: Since Lagos traffic stresses everyone out, Google Maps can ease that stress by helping you find the fast and easiest route. Just install the application on your phone and life will be simpler.


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