As we all begin to work from home during this movement restriction period amid the coronavirus outbreak, you must be ready to equip yourself with useful tips to stay safe, sane and productive. This period might be difficult for some, which is why you must be familiar with certain tips to improve your sanity.

1. Troublesome kids?: Agreed, children can be too much to handle sometimes. However, it is your duty to let them know what is happening and how things will be different for some time. Draft a timetable and make their day a structured one for you to live a stress-free life.

2. Indoor boredom: Are you going insane because you are not used to being in the house for so long? Well, you should draw a map for yourself too. A daily routine can help and it will definitely keep you occupied. Do house chores, update your budget, call loved ones e.t.c, and you’d be shocked by the way time flies by.

3. Scared for older relatives?: At this point, the only thing you can do for them is to call regularly. Check how they are doing and if they have bought all their basic necessities. If they have not, have groceries delivered to them and tell them to keep eating healthy. However, no physical visits are advisable unless it is absolutely necessary.

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4. Feeling sick: Are you feeling sick? Isolate yourself immediately in a different room from other members of the household but let them know why you are doing it. You should also remind them to remain indoors and stay far away from you. Monitor your symptoms and reach out to a doctor to confirm or deny if you have the virus.

5. You have reservations?: Do you feel the world is overreacting? Well, you are entitled to your own opinion and no one can change that. What you must know is that the world is entitled to their opinion too and you still have to stay at home and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Follow the instructions and be on the safe side despite any reservation you might have.

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