Anger is very normal but it always has to be controlled, else, it can escalate into something you never bargained for. This is why anger control is always key if you never want to do things you will regret. Let’s show you how to control your anger:
1. Count down: When you are very angry, I mean when you have reached your limits, this is the time to take a very deep breath and count the numbers down. For more patience, it is best to start at 100 until you feel completely relaxed. It helps you to slow down your heart rate, which will make you less angry.
2. Take a walk: A quick walking exercise can help you to calm yourself down too. If possible, ride a bike or stroll to a friend’s house. It would be a great solution for your anger at that moment and will also prevent you from doing silly things.
3. Repeat a mantra: According to, if you have a tested and trusted word or phrase that calms you down, use it immediately you get really angry. Repeat the word or phrase to yourself over and over again till you are in complete control of the situation. The word could be “You’ve got this.” “Calm down, you’ll be fine.” e.t.c.

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4. Music: If your headphone is not close to you when you get mad, look for it and play some relaxing songs. Trust me when I say music can make your anger disappear.
5. Laugh: I know this will be difficult when you are really pissed but it works. Nothing changes a bad mood faster than laughter because it gets rid of your anger instantly.
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