On the face of it, buying a garage door is a simple matter; however, it can assume daunting proportions once you get down to the brass tacks. You need to make a choice that represents good value for money because it is not only an investment that has an impact on the curb appeal of your home but also you will be living with it for quite a few years.
With the wide variety of garage doors available, you can make your selection simpler by keeping in mind the following aspects:


A garage door can be one of the most significant portions of the exterior of the house, which is why one of the most important considerations among homeowners is its appearance. By choosing a garage door that complements your house’s architectural style, you can substantially boost its curb appeal.
Since there are so many materials and styles to reckon with, choosing a garage door can be quite difficult. Depending on what goes best with the style of your house, you can choose from classic or contemporary designs. Additionally, you can choose from a large variety of paints and stain options to complement your house style.


The choice of the garage door material not only dictates its appearance but also its durability. While a wooden garage door can be beautiful, it can take much more care in the form of painting and staining every few years. For those who want the beauty of wood without the hassle of its maintenance, fiberglass is a great option.
Combined with tough steel construction, a fiberglass door by Chicago Garage Door will have the appearance of wood but will not rot, chip, crack, or warp. A steel door is among the most durable and requires no care save a periodic paint job to keep it free from rust. Aluminum doors are more maintenance-free and are easier to operate being lightweight.


With energy costs zooming, it is as important to insulate your garage as the rest of your house. You should aim to have a door with the maximum R-value, the thermal insulation property that also helps to reduce noise from outside and make the door operation quieter. Normally, there are two kinds of insulation for garage doors, polystyrene, and polyurethane.
Available in the form of sheets, polystyrene fits in between the front and back panels of the door but has a lower R-value than polyurethane despite the doors being thicker. Polyurethane is foamed in place at the time of manufacture and fills the door cavity fully. Despite the door being thinner, the insulation is better, according to Energy.gov. Also, these doors are quieter and stronger than their counterparts with other kinds of insulation.


Even though the design, material, and insulation are important factors in the selection of a garage door, it is often the price that accounts for the decision. Depending on the material, style, and insulation of the doors, the prices can vary significantly.
However, on the whole, garage doors are surprisingly affordable, given the fact that they generally last for many years and boost the value of your home substantially.
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