With the portability of laptops, desktop computers have gradually lost their usefulness however, for those who love to have workstations at home and family/office purposes, desktop computers can never run into extinction– at least, not now. But what kind of desktop will you need when you decide to go in for one? Well, just like looking at what to consider when buying a laptop, there are some basic things you should look at when buying a desktop. That is why we have sampled these few things to consider when buying a desktop computer.


Go for at least, a 4GB RAM device. This will help you to perform more functions at the same time. Really, what will you do with a machine that has less? Don’t waste time and money like that.

Also, you should look for one that has slots for you to expand the RAM when the need arises. You never know.

Noise level from cooling fans

Whether it’s for the family or a workstation, you don’t want desktop computers that make a lot of noise because of their cooling fans. You need a serene environment to concentrate on whatever you’re doing, don’t you?

Energy efficiency

Go for lesser watts. Your desktop, unlike the laptop will be on throughout its usage. So ensuring that it has less power consumption is key. This will help you save more money on those bills.


Depending on your storage needs, going for an appropriate size matters. If you have lots of movies, videos and pictures, you can’t go wrong with a storage capacity of 500 GB or more. Also, consider buying an external drive for backup purposes.


Depending on the type of applications you want to run, you should go for quad- or dual-core processors. For standard computer users; a dual-core or Core i3 will be best, for those who need some more power but can’t spend can consider Core i3 and Core i7 best for those who good budget that wants some high level of performance from their computer. Core i5 and i7 are good standards for creative professionals, IT professionals, Engineers and anyone who uses the computer beyond watching and listening to entertainment media, using Microsoft Office applications, etc.

You can try getting a desktop computer from any of any of these online shops in Ghana and thank us later.

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