Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in the success of an online business. In recent years, there are several factors that decide whether or not a website will be ranked, and how high it will be ranked on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). While several people have undergone Local SEO Training to help them make the best of their online businesses, there is the need to know what to look for and how well to tailor your website such that it delivers the best possible results in terms of ranking ability.

As part of your aim to make the most of your online business, you should understand that your website design plays an important role in how your website and brand as a whole is viewed. A good design will help you close deals, invite more clients to your website and overall increase conversion rate.

To make the best out of your website, below are some of the recommended tips to help you strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

1. Start with SSL

While SSL certificates are not a part of your website design requirement, there is the need to understand that more brands are beginning to cyber shame unsecured websites and this has trickled down to consumers, therefore making them weary of unsecured websites. Getting an SSL certificate will play an important role in helping you establish trust as this is one of the first things your website visitors are interested in finding out.

With SSL certificate, your website is guaranteed to retain more visitors as they are guaranteed that their data and other sensitive information is safe on your website. The SSL certificate is denoted by the green padlock symbol which will show up right next to the URL in the browser.

Getting an SSL certificate is important for the following reasons;

  • Most common browsers now flag website without SSL as “unsecure” thus warning visitors away.
  • SSL matters for SEO reasons as Google has made use of SSL status as a ranking index since 2014.
  • SSL guarantees that data on the website is encrypted thus preventing it from a hacker.

2. Mobile Formatting

While the world started out technologically on computers, an increasing number of mobile devices are in circulation. Recent data revealed that most people own more than two mobile devices from which they mostly access the internet, making your website mobile friendly will help reach out to a wider audience and also provide them with the needed formatting for a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing interface.

3. Aim To Make A Great First Impression

This cuts across both product and service providers. The attention span of an average internet user is reported to be less than 30 seconds which means that you have a shorter time frame to make a lasting impression. An average internet user knows from their first experience, whether or not they will be re-visiting your website. Ensure that you make the best first impression, making sure that company brief, contact information and other relevant resources are clearly presented in a user-friendly manner.

4. Invite Visitors To Linger

For product providers, you want to ensure that visitors spend as much time as possible on your website as the more time they spend, the higher the chances of conversion. To achieve this, you should choose a professional for Local SEO Training on how best to structure products into categories. Also, make sure that the products have been optimized such that they are easy to search for using keywords and informative content.

5. Your Call-To-Action Is Essential

Every page on the website should have a call to action (CTA) which is a short statement that is designed to help visitors make the decision to patronize your brand. A well-crafted CTA will stealthily guide visitors on what to do next, culminating in business patronage.

6. Create Low-Friction Checkout Experience

One of the worst fails for online business owners is making the mistake of letting their customers struggle with checking out. Being the last and most important stage, the checkout process should be such that offers website visitors the best, seamless experience. Failure to give visitors the best checkout experience could lead to lower ROI and conversions.

Make sure that the website design is one that offers visitors and customers all the ease they need to make more purchases.

7. Consider Outsourcing Your Website Design To Experts

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is choosing to handle their website design needs in-house. While this may appear cost saving on the short run, it may rob such business of several potential opportunities and sales. Outsourcing to professionals can boost the chances of getting things done the right way, using the latest trends to achieve business success.

To learn more about getting the best ROI from your website using SEO tactics, sign up for our Local SEO Training program.


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