As you get more experienced in vaping, you’ll want to ditch the simple, old-fashioned e-cigs for the more advanced vape mods that are geared to give you the ultimate experience. High-end mods put quality and reliability above everything else, unlike their low-end counterparts, which can be somewhat unreliable.
However, there’s a wide selection of high-end mods, and you may have a hard time choosing the right one for your needs if you don’t know what to look out for. To make things easier for you, we present you some valuable tips to keep in mind when shopping for a premium mod.

1. Consider the size of the mod

Vape mods come in different sizes, from the highly portable to the very bulky. The size to choose depends largely on your personal preference. However, you should realize that high-end mods are normally larger, as they carry bigger batteries and hence more power to last you a much longer time. If you prefer a smaller mod, you should be ready to contend with a low-power battery that you will have to charge often.

2. Consider the system style

Do you want an expandable system or an all-in-one system? All-in-one vape mods feature an in-built atomizer. You normally can’t switch this atomizer with a new one. An in-built atomizer is designed to work optimally with a particular device. The main disadvantage of an all-in-one system is that you cannot tweak it to suit your desired vaping style. You also can’t upgrade any of the components without changing to a whole new vape mod system.
With an expandable system, you get to choose the box mod as a base and then find the best tank to pair with it. The biggest advantage of having a separate tank is that you can easily upgrade any of the components as the technology changes.  You can also easily find the best fit for your tastes and your desired vaping experience. The only disadvantage of an expandable system is that you may have a hard time finding the perfect atomizer if you are a beginner. With the advancements in technology today,app-enabled vaporizers have even existed to respond to the needs of users.


3. Consider the safety features

Vape mods normally have several safety features in place to reduce the risk of injuries while you’re using your device. However, some high-end vape mods also have password functionality. With this function, you can lock your device and won’t have to worry about your child interfering with it. If you have kids in the home, consider purchasing a vape mod that has this function.

4. Understand Ohm’s Law

When you understand Ohm’s Law, which is amps = volts/resistance, you will be able to select a coil that doesn’t put much strain on your battery capacity, thus causing it to fail. When choosing a battery for your vape mod, be sure the amps measurement of the battery is recommended for the resistance of your coil and the voltage you’re using.
It is important to find a vape mod that best suits your needs, and these four are the most important considerations when shopping for a premium vape mod.


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