Having the feeling like your spouse has lost interest you for can be pretty horrible and you can feel at a loss of what to do. There could be many possible reasons why this is happening, so perhaps it’s time to do some detective work of your own.

Carry on reading so that you can figure out possible causes for what is going on.

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Changes in behavior

You need to be sure that your thoughts are justified so for this you need to be looking at changes in his/her behavior. Are they not giving you as many compliments? Has the intimacy gone in the relationship?

Other signs that something could be going on include a general indifference to you, almost as if you are leading two different lives. You have been with this person for however long and really only you can know if something is wrong.

Trust your gut instinct and take the next step to discover the possible reasons for your spouse losing interest.

Go through social media with the help of Spokeo

If you think you have reason to go through your spouses’ social media or email, you should take that step. Spokeo is a program that helps you do this and there are also reverse number lookup features that can help you discover if your partner is cheating.

While there are other reasons why your spouse has lost interest, having an interest in someone else or cheating is definitely a pretty common cause.

By going through their social media, you will be able to get proof of their cheating and they will not be able to wriggle their way out of it when you confront them. Use Spokeo to put your mind at ease, no matter what the truth might be, with the use of phone number search, that could help you to find all social media accounts of your partner, and other helpful features.

Have your actions caused the problem?

It isn’t always about cheating, there could be something else that has caused your spouse to lose interest.

Have you changed as a person in recent months that could have made your partner feel differently about you? Perhaps you have gained weight or have stopped making as much effort with your appearance.

People can get very comfortable when they have been with somebody for a long time but if you are neglecting any of the aspects of yourself that first made your spouse attracted to you, it makes sense that they might now be losing interest.

Take a look at all the possible causes of this change in behavior and don’t just assume that your spouse is cheating.

What to do next?

What you would do next in this situation does depend on why your spouse has lost interest in you and, hopefully, you have figured that out by now.

If it’s down to anything that you can change then make the effort to do that. If you have found out with the help of phone number lookup that your partner is cheating, you might want to consider breaking up.

It’s important that you talk to your spouse about what is going on, no matter what that might be, to see if you can get to the other side together. Relationship counseling is always an option and no matter what the problem might be, this is known to be very effective.

You do not need to leave a relationship at the first sign of trouble but you can work on it together.


There is not a couple in the world who has not gone through a rough patch but if you are getting a negative vibe from your partner, you need to discover what is going on.

When you know why your partner has lost interest, you can take the necessary steps to fix things. It’s fairly simple to find out why your spouse has lost interest in you by following the tips that have been mentioned above. It is often down to cheating but not always. By using Spokeo, you can utilize reverse phone lookup and discover the truth once and for all.

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