You could be a smartphone addict without knowing; Discover the signs and symptoms

smartphone addiction

You may constantly check your phone in church, class, at the workplace or when you are on the go. Even when you are in the company of your friends, having a wonderful conversation, you still have that strong urge to fidget with your phone. Watch it! You may have a smartphone addiction. Also known as … Read more

You could be an Internet addict without knowing; discover the signs and symptoms

You could be an Internet addict without knowing; discover the signs and symptoms

The internet has now taken centre stage in most of our daily activities. From entertainment to communication, education and religion, the internet has become an almost inevitable aspect of our daily activities. But, when used in excess, the internet has the ability to interfere with work, life, relationships, and daily routines. Internet addiction is a condition … Read more

You may be a social media addict without knowing; discover the signs and symptoms

Social Media Addict

Social media companies keep adding more features to their applications, making them fun. As these apps and platforms get more sophisticated and entertaining, you keep using them without keeping track of time. It’s either you are uploading/watching a story on Snapchat, checking up on your friend on WhatsApp, tweeting/checking the latest trends on Twitter or … Read more

How to take a Canadian passport photo at London Drugs

Canadian passport photo

Application for a Canadian passport takes place over multiple steps. There is a long list of documents, among which you’ll see the one about a pair of photos. London Drugs provides clients with this service and can help you take the photos you need. What are their specifications? Follow this post to find out. Requirements … Read more

8 Profitable business ideas for a profitable side hustle

profitable business ideas

Entrepreneurship is on the rise all over the world. With the prevailing economic conditions, it makes sense for people to want multiple streams of income — to be able to afford the lifestyles they’d like to live comfortably. There are many business ideas that one can exploit to make a living, and in this article, … Read more

11 Online dating terms you should know

online dating terms

Today’s dating scene is filled with new terms. And if you don’t work on your vocabulary before meeting someone or creating profiles on dating sites, you might end up misinterpreting words or mixing terms up. This can lead to confusion and lots of heartache. To ensure you don’t mix up terms, ClickCupid has composed a … Read more

Tips on how to prepare for your retirement

how to prepare for your retirement

It’s difficult to think of retirement when you’re just at an early stage of your career or even mid-career, but ideally, you should start preparing for retirement as early as in your 20s. Even if money did actually grow on trees, it would take some time to grow, so the sooner you start building a nest egg, … Read more

Why girls with high IQs find Anime Profile Pictures attractive

cute anime profile pictures

If you are interested in dating a girl, anime profile pictures are an excellent choice. Girls with high IQ’s find them attractive. Moreover, anime profile pictures are easy to find. As far as aesthetics are concerned, anime profile pictures are more attractive than their non-aesthetic counterparts. While anime profile pictures are not mandatory to use, … Read more

Can baker act patients have visitors?

Can baker act patients have visitors

When a person is deemed mentally ill or dangerous to the rest of the community, police and licensed mental health professionals could authorize that the individual is baker acted.Under the Florida Baker Act, Section 32.03 states that patients have the nine fundamental rights to receive adequate treatment; have individual dignity; express their informed consent; report any … Read more

What should you do or not do when charged with domestic violence?

domestic violence

According to, there has been a great increase in domestic violence cases in recent times with more people forced to stay at home due to the pandemic. A domestic violence charge should be viewed as extremely serious. In addition to stiff fines, you could spend time in jail. Apart from the steps the state can … Read more

Process of selling house for cash and benefits of doing so

selling house for cash

The process of selling a house is not easy and some of the factors most homeowners associate with selling a house include lengthy negotiations, deadlocks, detailed house inspections, and dealing with crazy demands from potential buyers and real estate agents. It is essential to be aware of the value of your house before selling it. … Read more

Why you need to hire a criminal lawyer?

Why you need to hire a criminal Lawyer

Compliance with all laws and living within the framework of generally accepted rules and values ​​is a worthy choice for everyone. However, even in this case, at one far from the beautiful moment, a citizen can still be among the suspects or accused. And in order for such a nuisance to happen, it is absolutely … Read more

All you should know about faux locs

faux locs

It could be a new appearance, or a protective style for transitioning to natural hair or real locs, faux locs have been a popular trend among black men and women for a long time. Celebrities like Ciara, Zendaya, Rihanna, Jhene Aiko, and Eva Marcille have rocked this look. Faux locs are brilliant for anyone who really wants … Read more

Ghanaian Folklore: All you need to know

ghanaian folklore

What is folklore? Folklore is the totality of a people’s intellectual and spiritual tradition passed on by word of mouth. It comprises customs, beliefs, material culture, dramatic art, festivals, music stories, proverbs, and riddles among others. The term folklore was originated by William Tom, an Englishman, in 1846. According to him, Folklore relates to past … Read more