Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Sasai integrated social payments platform

Sasai: A new integrated social payments platform launches for Africa

A new integrated social payments platform, Sasai, has been launched for Africans. This new payments platform was developed by African fintech company, Cassava Fintech International (CFI). The Sasai payments platform will be...
Standard Chartered introduces SC Keyboard

Standard Chartered introduces “SC Keyboard”, a new banking feature accessible via social platforms

Standard Chartered is one traditional financial institution that is heavily utilising technology to make its banking services more fluid to its customers. The latest tool from Standard Chartered Bank is the...
mtn mobile money @10 stakeholders forum

MTN to use Mobile Money to boost financial inclusion in Ghana

MTN Ghana organised the MoMo @10 Stakeholders Forum in Accra as part of celebrating the ten years of mobile money service provision in the country. The forum discussed how MTN wants...
asset finance

Helpful information about asset finance and the pros and cons

What does asset financing entail? Companies often make use of asset finance to pay suppliers, employees, or for financial growth. It serves as a flexible method for borrowing as opposed to your...