Marijuana’s culture of inclusivity suggests there’s room for everyone at the top but that’s not the case for these six weed winners and world record holders in a variety of cannabis-related categories. These are the best of the buds, the top talkers, and the ganja gangsters.

Irvin Rosenfeld – Most joints ever smoked

This could be your new hero 64-year-old stockbroker Irvin Rosenfeld, who holds the world record for the most joints ever smoked by a human being. After several surgeries and flings with pharmaceutical drugs, in order to treat rare and painful bone disease, Rosenfeld discovered that medical cannabis relieves his pain and became an advocate for its use. In 1982 he convinced the federal government to accept him as a patient in the compassionate investigational new drug program and give him free weed. The program shut down in 1992 but he is one of its two remaining patients and still receives bins free rolled government weed. As of 2009, he had smoked more than 115,000 joints and he even wrote a book about a story called “My Medicine”.

Tony Greenhand – World’s Largest Joints

The world’s largest joints are brought to you by Tony Greenhand. In 2016 he lit up a 4.2-pound watermelon joint which took him five days to roll. He methodically planned the architecture of his joint which burned for three hours and once it was out it became the world’s biggest roach.

+330,000 Marijuana Plants Seized – World’s Biggest Bust

How about the biggest bust? In 2009, more than three hundred thirty thousand marijuana plants worth 1 billion dollars were seized by law enforcement officers in Fresno, California. The busts resulted in police arresting 82 people tied to Mexican cartels, which of course, was a decisive victory that totally ended the war on drugs as once marijuana was considered to be in the class of drugs just like Anavar.

Godfather OG – The Strongest Strain of Marijuana

According to the cannabis cup strongest strains on the Earth 2017 competition, is Godfather OG, an Indica dominant hybrid about 34.04 percent THC (Average THC is 13%). Godfather OG cross up Cherry Pie Granddaddy Purp and OG Kush broke the previous cannabis cup record of 32.13 percent THC.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. – Largest Growop in the World

The largest growop in the world calls Alberta, Canada home. Aurora Cannabis Inc has been building the world’s largest marijuana growop the size of nine football fields i.e. 2,700(1 football field = 100 Yards x 9) where on running at full capacity, the facility is expected to yield at least 110 tons of cannabis annually. And, did you know the first nation to legalize medical marijuana was actually Canada where people can buy weed online Canada. In October 2018, but while Canada became one of the first countries to legalize recreational use in total so eligible people over there can get various cannabis products like death bubba and pink kush that you can  buy from weedsmart.

Uruguay – First Country to Legalize Weed Fully

Uruguay slipped in to become the first country in the world to legalize weed across the board. We bet you didn’t know about this one. As many of the people think the Netherlands was one of the first nations to legalize weed fully.

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