You can now encrypt your Facebook messenger chats and keep them safe from snooping noses.
Facebook begun rolling out end to end encryption of Messenger chats to all of its 900 million users and according to Wired, they have finished.
According to BBC, the privacy-centric feature is available as “secret conversations,” on the top right of Messenger’s “new message” screen. In addition to texts and photos, Facebook has put the encryption layer on stickers as well, but videos and GIFs are not included. Furthermore, the feature doesn’t work for group chats, and it needs to be turned on for each individual conversation.
Facebook is also offering users Snapchat-like ability to have their messages self-destruct after a specified duration. To get these features, you need to ensure Messenger app is updated on your Android phone or iPhone. There’s no word on what happens to Windows Phone (or Windows 10 Mobile, as they like to call it now) users.
Once you have enabled secret conversations, your Facebook Messenger chats are now safe from hackers, government agencies and others. Your chats cannot be decoded.
Secret Conversations utilizes the reliable and highly commendable Signal protocol for encryption. “Your messages are already secure, but Secret Conversations are encrypted from one device to another,” Messenger app affirms when you use the feature.
This comes after Facebook’s other messaging app, WhatsApp begun end to end encryption earlier this year.
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