Everybody needs a backup. A student writing an exam needs a backup pen. A prospect preparing for an interview would set aside a backup outfit; just in case. Your business or home should have a backup generator because you never know when the power would be taken; in the middle of your much anticipated birthday party, or when you have important projects with fast-approaching deadlines.
You cannot afford to be without an alternate power source. The risks are far too many for you to ignore.
We’re here to serve you with over 26 years of industry experience and competence. Do you want it? We’ve got it.

Why G&J Technical Services?

Over the years, our customers have trusted us to provide them with reliable energy solutions to power their businesses and homes. Being the exclusive partner for AJ Power Diesel Generators in Ghana, you are assured of purchasing gensets designed to operate in high ambient environments often exceeding 50oC.

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Our range of power generating sets

Our portfolio of diesel generator sets range from 10kVA to 4000kVAin powering capacity.


3 series generator setsPinPOWER RANGE: 10KVA – 66KVA

This range is the smallest range we supply. The 3 series offers efficient solutions to reliable power. It is best for sectors such as residential, banking, retail, etc.


5 series generator setsPinPOWER RANGE: 33KVA – 275KVA

This range is a step up from the more compact 3 series. This range delivers extraordinary performance, quality and affordable operational cost. It is best for sectors such as construction, residential and commercial.


7 series generator setsPin


This range is suitable for industries and businesses that have high demands. This range delivers reliable, magnificent engineering performance to support any organization. It is best for sectors such as industrial, manufacturing, construction, mining, and telecommunication/Data Centers.

9 Series

9 series generator setsPin


POWER RANGE: 730 – 4000KVA

This series is the largest power range G&J offers. The 9 Series range can be supplied as an open set or supplied in a bespoke sound attenuated canopy. It is best for datacenters, healthcare centers, industrial and commercial.

The G&J Advantage

  • Over a quarter-century (26 years) experience in installing gensets for major companies across various industries in Ghana.
  • From showroom to your premises; we handle the delivery
  • Full setup and testing of power generators before leaving your premises
  • 24/7 emergency response after-sales service
  • Asset finance available 

About G&J Technical Services

G&J Technical Services Limited is a wholly Ghanaian owned company with over 26 years of industry experience. Our generators, which are all manufactured in the UK, are epitomes of engineering excellence. For that reason, customers can rest assured that the generators we supply are of the highest quality across the range.

These clients trust us.


Completed Projects

Golden Tulip 1500KVA

Golden Tulip 1500KVAPin
One of Ghana’s top luxury hotels trusted us to keep them powered, and we delivered.

Devtraco Apartments (Henrietta)  500KVA

Devtraco Apartments (Henrietta) 500KVAPin
Even when the rest of the community is dark, Devtraco Apartments (Henrietta) will remain lighted up because of us.

Nyaho Medical Centre 200KVA

One of Ghana’s leading private medical institutions has this 200KVA genset in place to ensure smooth operations at all times.

Vodafone Datacentre 600KVA

Vodafone Datacentre 600KVAPin
Pride is what you feel when you keep the data centre of one of Ghana’s biggest telecommunications companies protected with a backup. Yes, we’re that proud.

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