My daughter, Esi, is 12 years and like every other pre-teen, she loves her screen time. I know they said not to prop kids in front of TVs but her supervised screen times were a lifesaver when she was younger. Whenever I needed to get some work done, I will put on ABC Mouse and leave her to be entertained. It really did help because, by the time she was ready for Creche, my little angel knew her alphabets, colours, numbers, shapes and others. I was so proud; I had an extra bounce in my step walking her up those stairs like the proud mama I was; you couldn’t tell me anything!
Now at 12, Esi plays every game you can imagine. And her favourite, like every preteen, is Minecraft. She loves the game so much; she got it as a gift from her godmother a year and a half ago and has not stopped playing it since she started. Esi plays the game every time she gets her thirty-minute screen time after her homework and readings.
To celebrate her good grades last semester, I got Esi a Samsung tablet and increased her screen time to 45 minutes. After setting up the parental locks and safety features, I handed it to her and told her if she saved her allowances, I would allow her to buy any app she wanted. For four months, she saved every allowance and came to me with enough money to buy her beloved Minecraft from Google Play.
I was impressed she had saved enough to get herself the Minecraft game, but I was not too elated about putting my bank card into her Google Play. For the most part, I knew my child was responsible and won’t make purchases without asking me for approval, but I was not so sure about when she had friends over, and they innocently paid for in-app purchases.
I promised her I would get the app for her if she finished her chores on time. As expected, she finished in record time, kids! I wasn’t too excited about the idea of using my debit card, and I was not sure if Google will allow me to use our address for the purchase.  I did not want to go back on my word, especially as she had kept her end of the bargain, so I got to work looking for ways to purchase apps from Ghana. I was open to anything, even looking for Google gift cards so I could get her the app she saved diligently for.
Imagine my surprise when I found out I could use my very own mobile money account to buy the application my daughter desperately wanted without having to use my debit card or ask for a foreign residential address.
The MTN Google Carrier Billing is a solution that MTN introduced to allow parents like me purchase applications for their kids with their mobile money accounts without compromising bank account details and the best part, every purchase requires the mobile money pin to verify meaning no mistaken purchases by Esi or her friends.
Setting up my momo on the tablet was so simple, I was done in 5 simple steps.  No confusing process, I could set up the carrier billing for another person in my sleep, and I am not the most tech-inclined person on the planet so you should know just how simple this really is.
Since then, we have used the carrier billing to purchase coding games for her since she is convinced she will be a coder in future to create games like Minecraft. I couldn’t be prouder of my baby.
If you have kids with their own phones, tablets or share yours set up the carrier billing solution by MTN for their educational games, that wise saying is actually true; kids learn best when playing.

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