Ever thought about having a part-time business while retaining your job? Whether you are looking to start a side gig or want to test the waters before you quit your job and commit yourself to business or entrepreneurship, part-time businesses can help you to do both.
However, you will need a product or a skill to do that. Although some of the businesses can be started without any specific expertise such as bartending or catering. But they are generally not very profitable or take a lot of time to get established.
So, if you are interested in starting your own business without investing a huge amount of money or spending years to establish it, here are a few ideas that have good potential.

Online Selling

A few years back, selling was only limited to stores and shops that offered products in a specific area. That is not the case anymore.
With the internet, things have changed drastically and everyone can now create a store online and sell to more people than ever before. Whether you are living in a big city or a rural area, all you need to have is an internet connection such as HughesNet internet and something to sell.
You can go for creating your online store or even sell through the ones that are currently operating in the market.
Even if you don’t have your product, there are several business models such as private labelling or drop shipping that doesn’t require a huge investment. Moreover, you can get good returns with less effort.


Blogging is another great business that you can start at the ease of your home while investing a very little amount and a few hours every day.
Might not seem like a lot but people actually earn thousands of dollars every month by doing so.
This is particularly useful for people who love writing about stuff and/or can make a good video. Even if you are not a pro but do understand the basics, you can choose a niche and start writing.
Your blog can be about anything from local events to sports or maybe about basic life tips.
But it is always a good idea to choose a niche, in the beginning, establish yourself, and then expand. You can also check the best laptop for blogging for your blogging career.
Also, there are several choices regarding the revenue model you want to go with. It can be Google ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or a mixture of all.
And once you start earning, that would be the time to think about adding more people and expanding your territory.

Floating Art Gallery

Art Gallery is a profitable yet risky business because the sales cycles and the art trends change while the monthly costs are avoidable. Moreover, art galleries are usually in good locations which makes their rent comparatively more.
What if there was a way to avoid those renting costs and overheads while still having art exhibitions? That would literally mean minimum cost with great profit margins. And that’s where the concept of a floating art gallery comes in.
A floating art gallery means that you would have to make arrangements with different coffee shops, bars, or restaurants to host the art show. In return, they will get traffic and more business.
And to avoid the cost of artwork, you can make a deal with the artist to pay when you make the sale.
That is a great business that can be started with a little investment and offers better profit margins compared to an art gallery.

Social Media Services

Are you good at handling social media and can write catchy captions? Consider offering social media services to small businesses around you.
Small business owners who can benefit from social media usually don’t have much time to handle their social media profiles or don’t know how to do that effectively.
You can take that responsibility, manage their accounts, and get paid.
For starters, you can offer different packages where you offer value addition with the bigger package.
Initially, they might start off from the very basic to keep the costs low and see what you can do. That would be the time to over-deliver & make them happy.
Once you have some clients, start building your team and let them assist you with that.


If you have some basic investment, reselling is still among the most profitable businesses that you can pursue part-time.
Initially, it might be harder to look for buyers, but you will get the hang of it. Meanwhile, a pro-tip is to choose models that you can turn over quickly, whether it’s a car, a bike, or a boat.
Moreover, keep your overheads as low as possible.
You can start from your backyard, buy one thing, get it a little tuned-up by investing in some fixes, and wait for the best deal.

Concluding Thoughts

For those looking to start a part-time business, these are just some of the ideas. Your expertise might contradict them, so always choose something you’re good at.
You might be a developer or maybe an engineer and starting a floating art gallery might not seem like a good idea. So it is always best to go where your expertise lie. And if you want to do something different, then you will certainly find hundreds of ideas to begin with.
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