Business highlight month on JBKlutse as news portal turns 5 Over the years, we’ve built a platform that is trusted for news and telling stories about businesses. Having been in the blogging and advertising/PR space for a while now, we thought it would be helpful to use this anniversary period as our business highlight month.

The times we’re in call for us to be each other’s keeper. For small brands who are trying to break even, getting the needed exposure would come at a cost they can’t afford. So, we’re here for you.

Business highlight month: What to do

It is open to small businesses and startups. You must have a visibly active social media profile to participate.

How to enter

Using the hashtag #JBKlutseBusiness5 tell us, in two paragraphs,

  • about your business. And
  • why you believe can help you reach potential customers.

A first shortlist of 30 businesses would be selected. The number would whittle down every week; based on votes (likes) until we get to the final 5 in a month. So let your social media audience do the talking on your behalf.

The final 5, representing the number of years we’ve been serving news, would have feature articles written on them. Got what it takes? Godspeed to you then. Submissions open until 31st May 2020.

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