Buenos Aires is too big, too fascinating, and too full of beautiful sights to see it all in a day. However, if this is all you have, you need to have a clear plan to fit is as much as possible in your time.

One Day in Buenos Aires: Itinerary

Enjoy breakfast in La Biela

Immerse into the history of this beautiful city right away by starting your day at one of the oldest restaurants in the region. La Biela has been opened since 1850 and it grows better with every passing year.

The food served here is delicious, and you definitely shouldn’t miss a cup of fragrant morning coffee. The place has a unique atmosphere of mixed history and charm. It’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

When you leave the restaurant, pay attention to the huge rubber tree. It’s the oldest one in the city. And there is a beautiful Recoleta Cemetery on the other side of the plaza.

Take a walking tour

If you only have one day in Buenos Aires, you’ll need to see as many important sights as possible. This means no detailed expiring of every location. If you want to see many special places and learn a bit of history about them, take one of the walking tours in Buenos Aires. The guides will take you to all the main sights and explain about the most important events that happened here. You can always ask questions to learn more.

Walking tours vary greatly, so you should start with something that will give you a general view of the city. You might notice some interesting place during the excursion and return to it later.

Get lunch at Caminito Tango

Buenos Aires is the city of passion, and you can witness this with your own eyes while enjoying a delicious lunch as Caminito Tango. This is another historical landmark of the city. The legend has it that this is where tango was born.

You’ll be able to see the dancers and perhaps even take a lesson yourself. Meanwhile, you’ll get to enjoy a traditional Argentinian lunch with some good wine. Overall, the restaurant is praised for the professionalism of the staff, as well as the design and atmosphere of the place. Caminito is impossible to describe and pictures don’t do it justice, so be sure to pay a personal visit.

Walk through La Boca

La Boca is the neighbourhood in Buenos Aires that shows you the city from a very special angle. This place is as real as can be. It’s colourful, bright, busy and full of friendly busy people.

La Boca was the neighbourhood of immigrants Therefore, today it’s a mix of cultures and dialects. Here you can experience life to the fullest. However, be sure to keep your valuables close as this place is busy and pickpockets are an issue.

Visit San Telmo

San Telmo is another special neighbourhood that you definitely need to visit during your one day in Buenos Aires. It’s a beautiful historic place, that has some incredible architecture and views. If you are here on a Sunday, you’ll be able to see people dancing tango right out on the streets in the evening. Other days of the week it’s a quiet and peaceful place, perfect for an evening stroll.

Eat some steak in Desnivel

You have to enjoy a juicy steak while in Buenos Aires, and no place makes it better than Desnivel. That meat is sure to be one of the brightest memories of your visit.

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