Bsystems Limited, a Ghanaian leading global provider of technology solutions, has launched a new digital business solutions centre at the Kotoko International Airport (KIA) in Accra. The new digital business solutions centre is sited at the deluxe Terminal 3 of the airport.

The tech solutions provider is doing this in partnership with leading Pan African bank, Ecobank. The Bsystems-Ecobank business solutions centre will be serving travellers passing through the airport with a whole lot of business solution services.

With this initiative, travellers using KIA Terminal 3 can now have their financial transactions sorted out on a real-time basis and, of course, digitally, at their own convenience in the centre.

According to BizTech Africa, Thomas Baafi, the founder and CEO of Bsystems Solutions Limited, remarked that aside from serving customers with efficient business solution services, the new centre will also be used to gather and organise data and ideas from the travellers. The collated data from the travellers will be used to design digital applications for them.

Thomas Baafi, CEO, Bsystems

He said, “We wanted the people visiting the country or coming into the country to know the technology related products that Bsystems offers.”

Continuing, CEO Baafi said the company has designed its “own business solutions and we have partnered with Ecobank with the aim of selling some of their innovative products and services.”

Going by its mission to provide innovative technological software solutions through employee development, superior customer satisfaction and corporate social responsibility, Bsystems has over the years developed cutting-edge IT-based business solutions.

These cutting-edge business tech solutions include the Electronic ID Verification, Smart HR and Payroll, Collateral Registry System and latest on the market, the Bvirtual Card.

The CEO also revealed that the company has about 29 new Bsystems Business Solution centres spread across the country. Thus, he was self-assured that digital financial services and products will reach the country’s unbanked communities pretty soon.

Mr Baafi touched on the current partnership with Ecobank. The CEO explained that the partnership with the bank is a move that is expected to provide “an amazing opportunity for both companies to leverage on each other’s strength and knowledge to ensure growth through the rolling out of cutting edge products and services across the entire African continent.”

He stated that Bsystems is currently operating in 8 countries on the African continent and plans to add more. Thus, he continued that, “the best way to be the first pan African IT Company, and also be recognised as such is by teaming up with one of the best banks in Africa and that’s Ecobank, who has got branches all over the continent.

So by leveraging on their immense banking and finance knowledge, selling some of their products and services through our business solution centres throughout Africa, we are hopeful that it will not only boost the image of our company but will go a long way to make it one of the best IT firm on the continent,”  he added.

Bsystems Solutions is one of the top leading systems consulting and software development firms in the country. In Ghana, it has about 40 employees who are working to support over 45 banking and financial institutions that use Bsystems applications and Oracle related products.

This financial tech solutions provider has partnered with a lot of industry leaders to create and provide service solutions that are top-notch in comparison with other services in Africa.


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