Among consumers and people concerned about their safety on the internet, Bitdefender is generally recognized as being on the list of the top 5 antivirus software available on the market.
Not only does it provide you with free antivirus protection, but also, it offers additional internet security protections against cyber threats you may not even be aware of at the moment.
Now, you may be asking how good one piece of antivirus software can be. Well, read on and discover things for yourself.

Bitdefender, the best free antivirus protection

There’s a lot to say about this antivirus. Here are some essential things to note:

Malware terminator

As a user, the primary function of any antivirus software is the ability to detect, eliminate, and prevent malware infections. Bitdefender caught hundreds of infections I copied from an unprotected laptop, so I had to destroy them. All this happened without causing my computer to significantly slow down.
Although popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox have built-in safety features to guard against fraudulent sites, they pale in comparison to Bitdefender’s. Bitdefender spotted more of them than the browsers did.
When you visit a website, the anti-phishing protection kicks in – comparing the website against a regularly updated database of millions of dangerous, blacklisted websites. When a match is found, Bitdefender blocks access to the site.

System optimization tools

An antivirus software should also help optimize your PC’s performance. In this instance, Bitdefender’s optimization tools helped with my computer’s performance by clearing up a lot of space on it.

Parental controls

All parents want their children not to be exposed to inappropriate online content. The software offers highly customizable parental controls to keep children’s online activities in check.

Tracking and anti-theft

Apart from the VPN, geofencing, and location tracking features, another feature to mention is the Anti-Theft feature. It works equally well on mobile devices and Windows devices, unlike specific competitors whose anti-theft is exclusive to mobile devices.

Real-Time Protection

Bitdefender Shield starts scanning every time you open a file or an email attachment. Here are some default scans that are triggered by the Shield:

  • Boot sector – scans for issues that may affect and change the boot sequence.
  • Bloatware and other unwanted applications – software that comes hidden inside other applications
  • Network shares – issues with remote networks on your device.
  • Keyloggers malware that records keystrokes; mainly used to steal passwords and sensitive information

The real-time default protections are sufficient for most users, however settings can be modified to include scanning for applications, scripts, and archives or exclude them entirely as desired.
Let’s go back to our original question:

Is Bitdefender the best antivirus protection available?

This depends on how you see it and what is important to you. If web protection and an online privacy service are what you’re after then, you’ll be pleased to know that this antivirus fared better compared to its two main competitors as well as the anti-phishing features of Chrome and Firefox.
With Bitdefender you receive top of the line cybersecurity protection. This includes securing your browser, enforcing your Wi-Fi, protecting your computer, as well as unlimited VPN protection and parental controls.
Bitdefender has so many features that one would expect it to be harder to use. Yet, it remains straightforward to use thus making it easy for non-tech-savvy users to customize protection levels and create the settings to meet their needs.

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