The average online Bingo room will have a spare ten minutes or so between each game – so what’s a player to do whilst they wait? Well, whether you get your Bingo fix at https://bingo.paddypower.com/, or any other popular casino site, there will always be a huge range of other gaming options to entertain you during your downtime.
One of our top recommendations is undoubtedly online scratch cards, reminiscent of the days where you’d have to go down to your local shop to grab your paper tickets to enter the game. Read on as we talk you through some of our favourite online options!

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10K Scratch

Play your game big and bold with this high-class scratch card, offering up the chance to win a tantalising 10,000 credits grand prize. Simply scratch off the symbols on the screen, to reveal whatever rewards lay behind them, and the prizes will soon be yours! The symbols range from the following options: dollar signs, four-leaved clovers and wrapped presents.
You’ll get the chance to search for each of these icons as the online scratcher takes you through five mini-games on each round.
Scratch off three matching symbols in a row and you’ll be in for one hell of a treat! Finding a series of nine numbers behind the dollar signs will give you a reasonable payout, whilst three of the regal crowns bagging that huge 10,000 credits.
Scratch off three gold bullions and you can win 1,000, whilst three number sevens offer up 100 credits. You may also scratch and reveal horseshoes, bells and keys as you rub away the top symbols, which may give you smaller, but still beneficial, rewards.

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25K Scratch

Take things up a notch with the next instalment of big money scratch cards. Try your luck with all five of the mini-games featured within this one card and you could walk away with up to 25,000 credits. To give you an idea of what’s at stake, let us talk you through what to expect in each of these fun-filled games.
The first game requires you to scratch off and match the two numbers that will appear in circles to the side of your virtual ticket. The circles also dictate the amount you could stand to win – what’s more, scratch off the diamond symbol and your winnings will be doubled!
The second game is fairly simple. If either of the two lines of symbols adds up to seven, then you will win a prize. For the third game, there’s a three-of-a-kind matching symbol round, where the prize will be determined at a corresponding paytable. The fourth game asks you to match up three prize pots of the same value across the 3×3 board, offering out an instant win.
Lastly, the fifth and final game comes in the form of a bonus round where you must scratch off any square to revel one of three possible prizes – either cash, free cards or a multiplier. So, as you can see, it’s all to play for with this five-game (in one) online scratch card.
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