Today, we are in the midst of the information age: a shift from the industrial to the digital. Our lives are condensed into packets of data. Lusts, habits, passions and indulgences, are all reduced to binary code: 1s and 0s.

This data is valuable because knowledge is power. A phrase first recorded more than 420 years ago by Sir Francis Bacon in the Meditationes Sacrae. Even when Queen Elizabeth I reigned, people understood the value of knowledge.

The quest to capture this knowledge drives innovation. Human DNA evolves at a glacial pace but technology’s progress is exponential. The symbiosis between man and machine is ever closer.

Innovation is Key

The Internet is a proving ground for new technology and online gaming is at the cutting edge. Innovation is – and has always been – the key to commercial online success. In a crowded market, pioneers profit and savvy evolve.

In 2016, the global gaming and online casino market were estimated to be worth more than $280 billion, with estimated growth of 5.3 per cent each year until 2020.  These are remarkable numbers driven mainly by the booming Asian & European markets of the online casinos.

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For a gambling business to prosper, it must constantly reinvent itself. Millennials are not seduced by dusty blackjack tables, smoke-filled betting halls, or the analogue clatter of the roulette table. To draw new punters, technology needs to flex its muscle.

RiftSino and Lucky VR are two companies using the technology of virtual reality to transport online gaming fans to unique, unreal, and fantastic, environments. It’s a world without limits but technology is still in its early days.

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Evolve To Survive

The process of data accumulation, and linking to the online social world, are key to online gaming’s future. Freemium games on social platforms are a potential opportunity for gaming companies. Traditional land-based casinos give away free drinks to real money players. The online equivalent could be game access, level ups, bonus rounds, and in-game rewards. Ultimately, online casinos, sports books, and poker rooms must offer more diverse entertainment platforms to evolve.

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Connecting players to gaming environments via apps is another key area. Software developers IGT already offer player tracking and customer engagement cards, apps, and programs. It uses technology to accumulate player behaviour and data, enabling the client to focus on its end-user. Knowledge = power.


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