I have researched for about a month to find ways to boost Alexa Rank. Now I am able to present this comprehensive list of tips hope this will help you increase your site’s Alexa Rank.

Why you need good Alexa Rank?

Advertisers, Webmasters and ad networks like Adbrite use your site’s Alexa rank to find worth of links on your website. Advertisers and visitors approach your site after seeing your site’s Alexa rank. Even BuySellAds (BSA) approves your site only if you have a reasonable Alexa rank. Beside all this, you must be aware of fact that almost everyone agrees that Alexa site ranks are largely biased toward websites attracting a lot of webmaster types.

How to improve Alexa Rank

Register Your Website
Register at Alexa.com or login with your Facebook account. and claim your website and verify by provided text file or meta tag.
Install Alexa Toolbar
Alexa provides toolbar for Chrome, IE and Firefox. Install this toolbar and set your site as homepage in your browsers. Try to make your site as homepage in your relatives and friends’ computers and encourage visitors to your site to use Alexa Toolbar. When you will visit your own site to post content and check comments/feedback your visits will be counted and this will help increase the rank of your site. If your regular readers install Alexa toolbar your site’s Alexa Rank will surely go up.
Use Alexa Widget
Alexa provides a site widget, which you can add to your site. I don’t think this is of any worth, but many people find it helpful. You can try it if you like.
Update your Website regularly
Your site’s Alexa rank will automatically improve with time if you will update your site regularly with good quality contents.
Increase Reviews And Ratings
Ask your visitors to write and rank your Alexa website profile and use other means to increase reviews and ratings for your Alexa website profile.
Buy an Alexa Site Audit
Spend $200 and buy a site audit. this will indirectly increase Alexa Rank. This site audit will help you in site SEO which will increase organic traffic and indirectly increase Alexa Rank. This is definitely a good option for commercial heavy budget websites, but may not be suitable for small blogs.
Auto Surf Programs
Sites like upmyrank.com offer application that you run on your computer to increase Alexa rank. First install Alexa toolbar then install software, this software will surf other member’s websites. In return for “visiting” three websites you will get one visit from some other member’s computer.
Attract Alexa Toolbar Users
Webmasters, SEO and other internet marketers mostly have the Alexa Toolbar installed. Writing some articles of interest to this community, this will surely increase your Alexa Rank.
Create a Category named Alexa
On your site write about Alexa news, strategies, tactics and techniques and create category or label with this name. This will make your site a hub where people interested in Alexa will come.
Increase Backlinks in Asian sites
Asian sites have high Alexa Rank, so a subset of Asian users must have Alexa’s toolbars. So attracting traffic from these Asian sites would surely boost  Alexa site rank.
Buy PayPerClick Ads
Effective organic advertising will bring more traffic to your site, and this will indirectly boost your site’s rank. So use ads that attract Alexa Toolbar related community (SEO, Webmasters, Bloggers). Additionally following all these tips will increase Google Page Rank

And the next very important question: How to Increase Blog Traffic

Read these tips completely to make your blog more popular and get more visitors. I’m sure your blog will attract much more visitors then before.
1. More Content More Visitors:
On the internet, you can see many blogs that have very high traffic. You will notice that all of these blogs have at least 300 post. More content promises more visitors and this provides visitors with the temptation to stay.  So add new articles continuously, because beside quality, quantity is also very important. If you can’t produce qualified articles (made by yourself), arrange for “guest posts”. Initiate others like your friends to write for you, and publish there stuff with there credentials.
2. Internal Links:
While writing a new post, build internal links i.e. create links with older similar posts and tell your readers about your other posts about similar topics. You can add links to similar posts at the end of the post or between the sentences of your post. This has other benefits too, for example with this technique your posts get backlinks and also helps crawlers to index your posts.
3. Be Social:
Submit your blog to social indexing sites like Digg.com, Folkd.com, Reddit.com, Diigo.com
4. Guest Posting:
Try to post your articles on others’ blogs with your name and link to your blog that is; write guest posts on others’ blogs. Those who will like your posts on those blogs will come to your blog, to see your other posts. For example, if you write an essay on education or career put your keywords to Google search and find blogs that write about education or career. It is the simplest way)
Some more tips
Submit your articles to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Medium.com, Storify.com etc. Write about hot trending topics and also about controversial issues, this will help you in getting more traffic
Barbara Elliott is a Digital Marketing Specialist for PhDify.com. She particularly enjoys technical onsite SEO and content development, and has very strong beliefs in genuine and ethical marketing methods – maximizing and promoting the real and unique value of each company she represents.
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