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For the few years of its existence, it amazing how social media has influenced our lives and especially how we make social connections. Never before have people been connected to thousands of others across the world. But with the coming of social media, this is practically possible today.

Besides social connections, there are many other reasons why people will want to connect with others. For instance, businesses are tapping the potential of social media to reach wide audiences across the world. With social platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook brands have an open opportunity of reaching an online community of passionate users who may want to listen to their stories.

However, things are not as easy as they may sound. When it comes to social media growth, establishing a following to support your campaign is quite tasking. If you have experienced this difficulty, in this article we will discuss a few best strategies to get you started on Instagram – one of the popular and fastest-growing social media platforms out there. If you follow these strategies, you will definitely gain more followers and engagement on Instagram that will eventually rope in more sales for your brand or you can consider how to buy Instagram followers in 2020.

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How to grow your Instagram likes and followers’ base.

Find a target audience

First things first, whether you are getting started on Instagram or want to expand your follower base, it is important that you look for an audience that is interested in what you offer. Instagram provides you with useful information in the form of Instagram insights and several analytic tools that can help you identify your targeted audience. Narrowing down your focus to a specific group will help you identify potential followers who may be interested in what you offer.

Make engaging and eye-catching content.

Instagram tells its stories through images, it to a large extent visual-based. So, if you want to get the attention of followers your content must be of good visual quality. Your videos and photos should be engaging, your tags and quote should also reflect what is contained in the videos/ pictures. People want to see more eye-catching visuals, this is the biggest challenge to create quality content to gain more followers and likes on Instagram.

Make the most out of your hashtags

Strategizing your Instagram hashtags can be an effective way of promoting your account. However, it is not about picking a random tag and attaching it to your post, but rather choosing a tag that has the potential of putting you in front of your potential followers. Use industry or niche-specific hashtags, to find tags that resonate with your content use online tools such as All- Hashtags to find appropriate trending tags.

Joins Instagram engagement groups

Joining engagement groups is another way of increasing your likes and followers on Instagram. By joining these groups, you get new targeted followers who are interested in your content. To get the most out of the groups join groups that deal in your area of specialization.

Repost other people’s content

Lastly, reposting is another strategy of gaining likes and followers. This trick works best when you are new to Instagram. Of course, you will need to ask for permission from the owner before reposting their videos or photos. It is the only ways of avoiding getting flagged on the platform.



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