iPhones, just like any other phone, comes with their own web browsers, the Safari browser. However, the iPhone’s browser lacks a few things that a lot of people need. For example, you can’t directly download an audio file. Thus, we’ve rounded some of the best Safari browser alternatives you can use on your iPhone.
Each of these browsers has one or two key features that make it the best replacement for Safari. Depending on what you really want, there are browsers for total privacy, ones that have their own VPNs, and ones that are really fast.

Best Safari browser alternatives 2019

1. Aloha Browser

Aloha browser best Safari browser alternative
Aloha browser

Aloha browser comes with an in-built VPN so if privacy is your concern, then you got this. With this browser, you can browse anonymously on the internet as it hides the users’ internet footprints. It has a simple and straightforward interface.
Aloha also has an in-built VR player that allows you to play VR videos directly from the browser.  Users also browse the internet in an ad-free environment. Another feature of this browser is, you can still play videos in the background even when you minimise the browser.

2. Yandex Browser

Yandex browser best Safari browser alternative
This is from the popular search engine Yandex, the Russian version of Google search. Though Yandex browser is all about safe and secure browsing, it reduces data usage and speeds up the page load time. So for people that need a fast-loading browser, Yandex browser is here for you.
Yandex browser is a decent browsing app that has all the basic functions of a browser. It has the Zen feature which provides customised content to users in the browser. You can set the background of the landing page of the app. The inbuilt ad-blocker prevents ads from showing when turned on.

3. Ghostery

Ghostery browser best Safari browser alternative
Ghostery broswer

This browser started as a tracking blocker add-on for browsers. Thus, the Ghostery browser is mainly focused on users’ privacy. Its privacy and tracking blocker features are listed as one of the best by privacy-concerned users. You are given notifications if a certain tracker is trying to track you on a webpage.
Still on privacy, it uses the DuckDuckGo search facility as opposed to the Goggle search other browsers use. There is also a WiFi protection feature in Ghostery. This feature allows you to block trackers when your device is connected to a particular WiFi.

4. Puffin Browser

Puffin browser best Safari browser alternative
Puffin browser

Puffin Web Browser is basically designed to load web pages quickly. It has an excellent proprietary compression functionality that is really efficient. The compression feature keeps the page load time to the minimum. It is actually made for networks with less bandwidth as it reduces server connect time.
This Safari browser alternative lets you adjust the streaming quality and image resolution for web pages. Chrome bookmarks also are synchronised automatically in this browser. Other features in the Puffin browser include a virtual trackpad and a dedicated video player to give you a unique web browsing experience. Puffin is one of the fastest browsers you can replace Safari with.

5. Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser best Safari browser alternative
Google Chrome

There’s no telling this is probably the most popular web browser on both mobile (Android) and desktop (Windows). Google Chrome makes cross-platform browsing easy. It allows you to access your recently opened tabs, bookmarks, and favourites on different devices by signing in with your Gmail ID. Thus, you can access the tabs you opened on your computer right on your iPhone.
Chrome’s landing page shows your frequently visited pages and top sites. The browser comes with powerful features of Google to make browsing and internet surfing user-friendly. It is the best option for people that use multiple devices that run on different operating software.

6. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus browser best Safari browser alternative
Firefox Focus browser

Firefox has solidified its name in the internet browsing business. It is well praised, especially by techies, for its advanced features. Firefox Focus is a browser that aims at total privacy. It basically lets users browse the internet anonymously. Thus, there is no need to turn on any incognito mode to escape trackers. Its stealth mode is always turned on.
Firefox Focus clears the browsing history with just one click. It efficiently blocks almost all types of web trackers without the user having to configure any settings. Its advanced privacy protection features shields your identity from the online world.
These are the browsers we can recommend for now. As time goes on, we will add those we find worthy.

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