Beginner’s guide to selecting the best phone plan

best phone plan

Getting on the right cellular plan is one of the most impactful means of saving up on your mobile costs. Most people on cellular plans prefer getting billed only on the calls or data they consume instead of being on an unlimited network offering unlimited calls and data, most of which goes unutilized. Contract phone plans are structured in a way that makes the user have access to minutes and data as and when they need it, without stretching their budgets. There is a risk that you might exhaust all your resources before the month ends and you then have to opt for a more expensive per use billing which is markedly more expensive. This article will guide you on what mobile plans entail and how to navigate through the various popular offers on the market.

Popular Mobile Plan Options

Different companies offer deals based on what they think their consumers want. Some have preferential rates for data and minutes based on how often you call per day, whereas others offer pricing for per minute calls for short bursts of communication. Of course, these different plans are all designed to ensure the companies make the most of your talk time, and browsing, and that’s why they offer variated prepaid mobile plans to complement your phone use. In the past, most plans rarely allowed you to top up your plans under the same rates and therefore you’d have to pay almost double, or more, in calling rates once your given ration has expired or been exhausted. If you realize you constantly top up your minutes then it’s maybe time to consider upgrading to a bigger plan.

Choosing the Right Data and SMS Plan

Data has come to slowly replace calls and messaging for overall communication. Though calls remain central in communication, data plans are still very important and therefore choosing a data plan should be a priority alongside a minute-based plan. For SMS, being charged on a per-message basis will significantly increase your costs and bundle plans will work perfectly for you if you text frequently.


SIM-only Package

The Sim-only package is a packaged bundle of minutes, data and SMS which are charged monthly and they tend to cost cheaper than conventional plans since you can migrate between different mobile phones and don’t include the cost of the mobile gadget. Sim-only packages offer a lot more flexibility for someone intending to shift between plans or simply wants to retain their mobile phone but enjoy the countless offers from network companies on minutes, data and texts that have contract limitations. You can also opt for service providers such as giffgaff, which offer monthly-based packages which allow you to upgrade or downgrade your package based on projected use.

Pay As You Go

The Pay as You Go plans offered by service providers such as Vodafone’s Pay As You Go 1 offers a daily spend limit of just under $1 and this pay-as-you-go plan is better for when you go for long periods without using your phone.



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