Every brand needs a logo, though getting a logo doesn’t mean your brand is completely set up. But the logo gives your brand or business the needed unique identification. This is when you will need a logo maker. And if you do not want to go someone to do it for you, we recommend these 2019 best free logo makers for you.

These programs quickly help you make simple but still unique designs for your venture. The exciting thing is, you don’t have to have prior knowledge in the whole designing thing. That’s because these programs are simple to use.

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1.  Canva Logo Maker

Canva logo maker; best free logo maker 2019

Canva is one of the most popular logo makers around, and it is not just about logos. The site can be used for posters, banners invitations cards, etc.

The site has a lot of predefined templates and designs to help you get started. The editor makes adding and customising graphics, images, and texts quite easy. You just drag and drop, resize and tweak to how you want it.

Most of the things on Canva are free though there are a few of them which can be used only in premium accounts. Canva is a logo maker that can be helpful if you are racing against time. All you need to do is enter your company name, choose what type of enterprise it is into the category (car, sports, school, food, etc.). Then select a few designs that appeal to you, to give the app an idea of your preferred style.

Use your Facebook or Google account to sign in or sign up. With your account signed in, you can save your progress and continue from where you left later. This can be done on any device.

2. Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace logo maker; best free logo maker 2019

Squarespace is a quick way to create your own cool logo designs. Though Squarespace is mainly a website building service, it also has a logo maker. It logo maker can be used independently.

Squarespace Logo Maker focuses more on simple, minimalist designs. This should be okay if you are looking for something catchy and absolute. You can add customisable icons after you have entered your text, probably, your company name and company slogan.

Though there aren’t many editing options on this site, it still creates your unique logo in a few moments. Small versions are free to download, high res versions come with price tags.

3.  Online Logo Maker

Online logo maker; best free logo maker 2019

For those that don’t need large logos, Online Logo Maker may be the best place for you. It is included in the best free logo makers because it is full of advanced tools for more daring users. Its online image editor is really impressive. You can use it for, not only logos but, business cards as well.

You can upload your own graphics onto the editor or use the ones already on the site. Just like a professional offline software, Online Logo Maker has support for layers. This makes it simple to combine elements to create something really cool.

The designs you make are saved so you can resume later from where you left off. Only small versions of your designs can be downloaded for free. The high-resolution ones have a fee.

4.  Logaster

logaster logo maker; best free logo maker 2019

Logaster is minimalist free logo maker. You can create your logo online and download a smaller size of it. If you want the high-resolution file of the logo, you’d have to shed about $13 (₵65), which is moderate as compared to professional designers’ charges.

Logaster’s wizard guides are straightforward guiding you through the logo-making process. This site also offers you a number of templates to choose from. Just pick a design, then modify it to your liking. You can change the colours and the overall concept.

The caveat here is, there are no advanced image editing tools on Logaster. But if you don’t need any sophisticated logo design, Logaster should be okay for you.

Your free logos (the smaller versions) are provided in zip files. Because they are in low-resolution, they are more useful online (Facebook, websites, etc.), especially if they won’t be enlarged.

So you can go with the one that’s cool for you and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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