Bedroom habits that are bad for you

Bedroom habits

Because of our busy schedules on a daily basis, we tend to turn our bedrooms into a place where other unhealthy activities can go down. This should not be the case because that room should be for sleeping and relaxation only. See Bedroom habits that are bad for you:
1. Food: Eating on the bed is not hygienic because you might not wash your hands after eating and will also not wash your sheets if anything spills on it. And since eating in bed will aid watching tv or reading, it will result in overeating and eventually cause indigestion.
2. TV: Just like smartphones, installing a TV set in your bedroom can be very distracting. It could make you sleep less and that will be bad for your body.
3. Smartphone: It should not be in your bedroom if you wish to use that room for its primary purpose, sleeping, and relaxation. As you already know, the constant vibration and ringing of your Android or iOS device will distract you heavily. Social media should be avoided in there as well.
4. Pets: Animals will only mess up your room if they are not properly trained and this can lead to germs, fleas and so on in that environment. If you really love sleeping close to your pet, make sure you make a different bed meters away from yours, else, you will tampering with your health and sleep.
5. Bright colors: When you paint your bedroom walls with super bright colors, you will depriving yourself of a good environment for relaxation. A recent British survey proved that blue, yellow, silver, green, and orange are the best colors to relax with while brown, gray and purple are just terrible.

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