Become a cyber security professional with this Ethical Hacking Associate course

Are you a cyber security enthusiast, or someone who is intrigued about cyber space security? If any of that describes you then, keep reading. It’s going to get interesting.

Ethical hacking, which is sometimes referred to as Pen (Penetration) Testing, is the lawful intrusion into computer systems and networks — with the aim of finding vulnerabilities and loopholes through which a malicious attacker (or hacker) might exploit to cause damage by deleting, withholding, or exposing sensitive data, etc.

Ethical hackers use the same methods and tools used by the infamous malicious hackers, but, as stated earlier, their work is authorised by the organisation and their findings are used in strengthening the systems rather than leaving them open to attack.

For every Information Security professional, the Ethical Hacking Associate training is the most desired training program that one can be in. What the course provides are the techniques and advanced hacking tools that are used by both cybersecurity professionals and hackers to gain access into organisations.

Career Prospects

Corporations and organisations record annual losses to the tune of $1 billion; due to the millions of malicious attacks they face. Now, more than ever, in order to keep pace with the increasing rate of cyber attacks, organisations are actively seeking the services of qualified cybersecurity professionals.

With your training and certification as an Ethical Hacking Associate, you can be employed by organisations into any of the following positions:

  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Penetration Tester
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • IT Audit Associate
  • Information Security Analyst

Recommended Training Institution

When considering IT education in Ghana, Certified Ghana is among the foremost institutions you’d consider. The Ethical Hacking Associate course taught at Certified Ghana is one whose benefit to cyber security professionals, aspiring ethical hackers, and enthusiasts who are concerned about cyber space security, is of immense significance.

From learning about footprinting and system hacking, through to social engineering and cyber forensics; there is nothing left behind in the quest to train students to gain practical hacking skills.

Contact Certified Ghana

To reach Certified Ghana for further inquiries and registration, you can do so via their website, or simply send an email to Contact can also be made on WhatsApp and phone using these mobile numbers +233548131314 and +233246718771.

Ethical hacking has gained mainstream recognition as a fundamental element of cybersecurity because of major tech companies such as Facebook, and Microsoft; who hire ethical hackers to help uncover vulnerabilities within their systems.


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