Our devices contain many files and folders we do not want to lose. These include memorable pictures, videos, important documents and music among others.
However, many factors can lead to you lose all the important files on your phone. These factors include virus attacks. Just like your PC, you can lose files on your android phone through virus attacks.
That is why some antivirus software developers have created antivirus applications for android phones.

What Is A Virus And What Is An Antivirus?

A virus is a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.
An antivirus is (in simple terms) a software (or application) designed to detect and destroy viruses on your device.

Android Phones And Viruses

Android devices have become very notorious for not being safe enough. So many have suggested that you download an antivirus to ensure that your data is safe. But is that really the case/ Do android devices need antivirus apps at all?

Use Your Android Phone Without Antivirus

If you use Android version 4.2 and above, I have some good news for you. You can protect the data on android phone without antivirus. Google helps you keep your device safe by automatically scanning your device whenever you us the Play Services.
So in order to be safe, do the following:

  • Avoid downloading apps outside playstore. These apps can be malicious and will not go through the Google Play scanning process.
  • Review security settings by going to your settings and selecting “Security”. Ensure that all the Security Settings meet your requirements.

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