Android 10 release

Google is releasing the next major version of the Android operating software today — September 3. The first hint was announced last week when PhoneArena and another user contacted two different Google support agents and asked the date Android 10 will be released. The answer that came was straightforward: September 3.

Also, spotted by 9to5Google, two Canadian mobile carriers have leaked dates. The two companies also confirmed the previously said date by saying the Android OS will come on Pixel phones on September 3rd.

There was a slight delay, as the Android 10 OS would usually have been released somewhere in August. Last year’s Android Pie was released on the 6th of August.

Android 10 releases on September 3.

The two Canadian carriers, Rogers and Telus, posted the incoming updates on their support forums but the former has now removed the date. For Telus, the information is still available on its platform.

Google itself has already released 6 beta versions of the Android 10, which everybody thought was going to be called Android Q. The company has dropped the widely-known official dessert-inspired naming of the Android OS.

Therefore, we are no more going to see things like the Android Pie, or Oreo or any desert. No more puddings! We are moving to numbers now — 10, 11, 12 and so on.

As the two Canadian companies revealed, Google’s own Pixel smartphones including Pixel 3/3XL, Pixel 2/2XL would be the first devices to taste the new version of the Android 10.

Google would probably have left the original Pixel and Pixel XL out but public demand has saved them. The two phones are also getting the new update.

The Android 10 update will include features like dark mode, new gesture controls, etc. The six previously released beta versions have been available on more than 20 phones from phone makers like OnePlus, Huawei, LG, and Nokia.

That’s probably a sign that those phones are going to get the Android 10 update. But they would have to wait for Google’s Pixel to get it first.


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