Nigeria is home to several cultural practices but a lot of them have gone into extinction. To expatiate on the culture of the Yorubas, see Ancient taboos in ancient Yorubaland you should know about:
1. Adultery: Yoruba culture frowns at a married woman sleeping with any other man that is not her husband. Any husband who suspects his wife of cheating might be tempted to inflict her with magun, a charm that will make her lover lose his life during sexual intercourse.
2. A king and his royal crown: According to PulseNG, Yoruba kings are not allowed to see the inside of their royal crowns. A king can wear his crown, but he should never attempt to look within it. The belief is that the day a king does this, he dies. Kings can only decide to see the inside of their crown when they want to commit suicide.
3. A strapped baby should not fall from his or her mother’s back: This is an abomination. Yorubas believe that if a male child should fall from his mother’s back, he will keep losing his wife when he grows up. If it is a female, her husband will always die after intercourse. Once a baby falls from his or her mother’s back, the woman has to carry out rituals to prevent future evil from happening.

Ancient taboos Yorubaland
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4. Suicide: Once anyone commits suicide in Yorubaland, the body cannot be buried even after sacrifices have been performed to appease the gods. The body will be thrown into the evil forest so the gods will not be angered. The family members of the deceased will also battle this shame forever.
5. Same-gender intercourse: This is a taboo in Yorubaland. Even if some people practice it in Nigeria, it is a clear abomination in Yorubaland.
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