Very few American fantasy dramas have had the kind of popularity and magnetic engagement as that of the Game of Thrones. While there have been other television series of different eras and genres that have been captivating and very popular, in terms of numbers it is hard to think of any other series with similar number of viewers. This could be attributed to the digital era where global audiences get to see content at the same time. However, despite the advantage of digital media, credit needs to be given where it is due. The series is a masterclass and spellbinding, captivating viewers easily.

Roundup Of Season Seven

If you are keen to take up the Game of Thrones Quiz it is important that you are aware of what happened in earlier seasons. To follow the eighth season, it is necessary to know a little about the seventh seasons and this will also help you to answer with context. Unlike the previous seasons, which comprised ten episodes, the seventh season had only 7 episodes. Here is a roundup of the seven episodes.
Arya poisons lords of House of Frey, by masquerading as Walder Frey. Samwell learns of details of a deposit of dragonglass and informs Jon who has managed to win over Karstark and Houses Umber though Sansa was not in favor of it. Meanwhile, Jamie is on a hunt for allies, when Euron agrees to help Cersei with his Iron Fleet, in return seeking her hand in marriage. She turns down the proposal and Euron intends to bring a gift on his return to prove his trust. Missandei and Grey Worm enjoy conjugal bliss, while Cersei makes Randyll Tarly a Warden, after inviting many lords, seeking their loyalty. She is shown a prototype by Qyburn that has the power to slay dragons. When Jon reaches Dragonstone, he is met by Daenerys who asks him to extend his loyalty. However, Jon declines to do so and instead tries to enlist her support to defeat the Army of the Dead. Euron makes his return, and fulfills his promise, bringing as his gifts, Ellaria and Tyene. Cersei then agrees to marry him after victory in the war, elevating him to control the military jointly with Jamie.
Meanwhile, in Winterfell, there is a reunion as Arya gets back with Sansa.  Jon showcases wall paintings to Daenerys, which tells the story of Children of the Forest closing ranks to defeat the undead. Daenerys assaults the Lannister army, vanquishing the army, and offering survivors a chance to live by pledging loyalty to her.  Elsewhere, the tension between Arya and Sansa manifests greatly, mainly due to the letter penned by Sansa under coercion.
Cersei seeks the neutrality of Jon, but he remains steadfast to his loyalty to Daenerys. This forces Cersei to discontinue the talks. This is when Tyrion approaches suggesting an alliance. However, Cersei confides with Jaime that her real intention was to exploit the Golden Company of Braavos to exercise dominance over Westeros. This is the summary of the seventh season which will help to follow the eighth season easily.

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