AkwaabaPass: a one-stop solution for event organisers and event goers

AkwaabaPass, a one-stop solution for event organisers

Event organising is one hell of a work to do. Organisers would have to make sure everything is in order before the event takes off. And even during the event, you’d still have to work to keep the pace. Such is why Stephen Ameyaw built his AkwaabaPass platform. AkwaabaPass is here for event organisers and the attendees.

AkwaabaPass is a platform that simplifies the management and administration of events from initiation to completion. It is the go-to event technology supplier for many leading exhibition, conference and event organisers in Ghana.

The platform makes event organising in Ghana very easy. It provides users with basic and important functions like event registration platform, visitor app, verification (smart badging), etc. According to the CEO, Stephen Ameyaw, Ghana’s events organising industry has the potential to grow big. He said if properly managed with technology as the backbone, the event organising industry could become a multimillion industry.

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Benefits of AkwaabaPass

The CEO also said that the AkwaabaPass platform enables event organisers to manage seats and ticket sales electronically. He said this as against the background that sometimes tickets are oversold disappointing patrons, and sometimes leaving the event grounds out of frustration.

AkwaabaPass also gives the organisers customer insights and analytics at the click of a button.

Ghana’s tourism industry is projected to boost with initiatives such as the year of return etc. and it is therefore important that we grow along with this projection.
Our platform provides on-the-go updates and information on all events as such event goers can have the concept of an event, date and time, location, purchase tickets electronically, reminders and alerts and other features that simplifies the selection, budgeting and attendance of events.
Isn’t it spectacular that you can sit in the comfort of your home and know where to go, what it is about, make payment, get alerts on dates and budgets and have live location support to the event at no cost?

Once registered, organisers can take advantage of the advertisement features on the platform to promote their events. The ads can be linked to social media at no additional cost to the organiser.

AkwaabaPass also provides organisers with real-time visibility of leads collected, and distribution of content digitally. Organisers also get seamless verification of tickets at the event grounds with the use of a self- service verification kiosk and event organiser mobile app.

The CEO of AkwaaPass, Stephen Ameyaw, is also the Managing Director of ShrinQ Limited. ShrinQ is an IT company that delivers software and technology solutions to companies from various industries.

AkwaabaPass will officially launch in April, so keep your fingers crossed.


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