Air conditioning repair services

Aircon repair is something you can perform yourself when you know what you are doing. The most important thing that will make the difference in whether you need to get an icon repaired or not is the type of aircon that you have. There are many types and there are many different models, so knowing the exact make and model is essential when you are looking to repair your own icon.

Common problems of aircon repair

One of the most common problems of an icon is a leaking drain pan. The common problem with heating & cooling is usually one that is using old air filters. These filters get old and must be replaced often to keep your heating and cooling system working properly. When the air filters become too old they cannot absorb as much moisture from the air and when this happens the system will start to leak. The most common symptom of an aircon leaking drain pan is water dripping from the drain pan.

Another common aircon repair is when the evaporator coils become very wet and very hot. If you find that your aircon is getting very hot when it is not cold then you will probably find that your aircon has a problem with the blower motor. The blower motor will eventually wear out and become extremely hot and this will cause a water leak in the aircon. If the water leak is not caught right away it can end up ruining the entire icon, so if you notice your aircon is leaking, you need to call hvac repair Las Vegas right away.

Aircon leaking water

Another reason that you might notice your aircon leaking water is because the blower motor has become dirty or clogged. This will cause the motor to work harder to move the hot air around your house and this will cause the water in the iron to heat up and rise, which will cause your evaporator coils to overheat. To fix this problem you need to remove the blower and clean it off inside and out. It is recommended that you take a shop vac with you to do this job because you do not want to damage the motor with the dirt. Once you have cleaned it off inside and out, you need to replace the blower.


An aircon that is leaking water may have two problems, one, the air filters or purifiers might be faulty and two, there could be a problem with your air filters or humidifiers. If the air filters are faulty then they will need to be replaced immediately. You should check your hoses and filters on an annual basis to make sure that they are not leaking. The air filters or purifiers could also be clogged and you need to run some type of filter replacement fluid through them periodically. There are some humidifier units that come with automatic air filters that you simply need to check on a monthly basis.

Aircon servicing is a little harder than normal iron maintenance, but the benefits of repairing the aircon are well worth the extra effort. One reason you would consider repairing your aircon is when you find that it is functioning poorly or it is not working at all. If you don’t have the time to perform regular maintenance on your icon then you should consider hiring a professional aircon repair company. These aircon expert companies are very knowledgeable about their products and can perform a wide array of different iron services. When you hire an arson specialist, it is highly recommended that you use only the best companies because there are many aircon companies that will try to rip you off.

Some iron services that aircon experts offer include testing your home’s security system and changing your air conditioning unit if it has developed a fault. If you have central air conditioning then you are usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance, but if your system is a window unit then you will need to purchase your own insurance coverage. A professional icon specialist will have the tools and knowledge to easily perform the testing necessary to ensure your home is safe from any type of electrical malfunction.
In some cases, when you break a window air conditioning unit the window breaker will actually stop functioning and needs to be replaced by a professional icon technician. Another common aircon maintenance service is a periodic checkup to make sure the battery bank is full enough and replace any damaged cells.

Aircon repair and servicing can be extremely costly if you are not an experienced technician or you are trying to perform the job by yourself. Most aircon services are performed by professional technicians who have been trained and will have the proper tools to complete the task in a timely manner. The advantage of iron repair is that if you do decide to attempt the job yourself you can save quite a bit of money. If you are having trouble finding a local technician then you can always contact a reputable aircon specialist for help.
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