AfricaOnline Ghana JOLA high-speed broadband satellite service

One of Ghana’s oldest ISPs, AfricaOnline, has announced the launch of its new JOLA high-speed broadband satellite service. AfricaOnline Ghana is a subsidiary of Gondwana International Networks (GIN).

This new high-speed broadband satellite service is powered by Avanti’s HYLAS4 satellite. The HYLAS4 satellite offers a 100% coverage of Ghana through multiple spot beams.

Foster Plender, the Managing Director for AfricaOnline Ghana made the announcement at an event in Accra on 9 April. He was confident that the new project will satisfy the needs of the company’s customers.

We are proud to be the first to launch the Avanti HYLAS4 service in Ghana. Our rigorous testing over the past few months has given us the confidence that our customers will be very satisfied with the quality of service and speeds of up to 35Mbps download.

The company claims the JOLA service has a 100% coverage of the country so one can be connected even in the most remote part of the country.

Though it is perfect for remote areas, the Managing Director said the high-speed service will as well serve as a business continuity service in urban places.

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MD Plender also presented some examples of how the JOLA solutions from the GIN Group would meet the needs of some services and initiatives. He included agriculture services, eLearning initiatives, remote hospitality lodges, micro-finance institutions, and CCTV and Machine2Machine (M2M) applications for construction and national manufacturing plants. These are the services that would be affected by JOLA solutions.

The service is believed to promote the development of new opportunities that affect the country’s development goals. JOLA is achieving this by connecting more sectors of the population.

Gondwana International Networks through its subsidiary, iWayAfrica, partnered with Avanti for the rollout of high-speed satellite services in Southern & Eastern Africa.  And now it is present in West Africa.


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