The African Telecommunications Union has urged regulators to establish priority call routing on mobile and fixed networks for those involved in coronavirus response alongside other entities, institutions involved in such activities.
This is one of the union’s way to help member states to fight the coronavirus disease pandemic. According to ATU, since networks could fail to offer service for various reasons, including overload, it is best for something to be done to rectify any delay or prevention of vital communication.
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A recent statement read, “Fixed and mobile telephony providers should implement and enable the emergency numbers, for example, 119, for voice messaging and promote short message service as an alternative to telephony communications during this period.”
“Network redundancy is a critical element of a robust network that will minimize telecom/ICT outages during this period. Disaster networks need to consider redundancy and resilience in their design, as well as increase the number of terminals. Regulators need to ensure that telecom/ICT providers have networks with adequate redundancy and multiple connectivity options for the authorities involved in combating COVID-19.”

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