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Adobe Creative Cloud


The Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription-based software suite with titles focused around design, photography, audio, and video.  When you have a Creative Cloud account, you get access to the following software applications: Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom and Photoshop (for graphic design and photography); ColdFusion, Dreamweaver, Edge Animate,  Edge Web Fonts, Edge Reflow, Edge Code, Edge Inspect, Muse (for web design and development); After Effects, Audition, Premier Pro, Spark, Story Plus(video editing, animation, motion graphics, audio productions and editing); as well as Acrobat (PDF viewer, creator, and editor) among many others.

In all, the Creative Cloud suite comprises of more than 20 different applications – all of which can either be purchased as a complete package, or individually.

Key Features

  • Includes all new products updates and releases
  • Typekit Portfolio plan included with Creative Cloud subscription with hundreds of desktop and web fonts – all free.
  • 100 GB cloud storage for seamless file sync and share.
  • Desktop applications included with a Creative Cloud membership are available in both Mac OS and Windows versions.
  • Adobe Spark is included in making it fast and easy to create graphics, web pages, and video stories anywhere.
  • Adobe Portfolio comes free with any Adobe Creative Cloud plan to create beautifully simple creative portfolio websites.


As stated in the overview, Adobe Creative Cloud applications can be used for so many creative tasks in areas ranging from graphic design and video editing to web development and audio production and editing or photography. Lots of professionals use Adobe Creative Cloud applications in their field of work. In the movie industry, for example, Adobe Premiere Pro, a non-linear video editing tool, has been used professionally in editing a wide range of films, television shows, and documentaries. The well-known fact that some major Hollywood films like ‘Avatar’, and also ‘Deadpool’ have used this software for editing is proof of what major things you can do with Premiere Pro. Another Creative Cloud application, InDesign, is used by print design professionals to create layouts for newspapers and magazine publishers. Photoshop, the most commonly used Creative Cloud application, has often been utilized for magazine, and website design works.


Depending on your creative cloud subscription, you can get access to all or any of the following applications:

Acrobat: this is for creating, editing, and viewing PDF format documents. There are two main components of Acrobat – Acrobat Professional or Professional Extended (with which users can create PDF files) and Reader, which allows users to read PDF files.

After Effects: a digital motion graphics and compositing suite.

Animate: for designing interactive animations to be published to the Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash platforms, and also animations HTML5 and WebGL format animations.

Audition: Adobe’s digital audio editor or workstation.

Behance: In layman’s terms, this is the social media for creative professionals. This is where designers and other creatives build their project portfolios.

Bridge: an organizational program that links the various parts of Creative Cloud together.

Dimension: For creating and rendering 3D images.

Dreamweaver: a code/GUI application for web development.

Flash Builder: an integrated development environment used for developing rich Internet applications, along with cross-platform desktop applications, that run on the Adobe Flash platform.

Illustrator: Usually considered as a companion product to Photoshop, Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and illustration application.  It is used for logo creation as well as typesetting, and related fields within graphic design.

InCopy: Working hand in hand with InDesign, this is a word processor with which you write stories and articles to be imported into an InDesign page layout.

InDesign: This is a desktop publishing tool used for creating materials such as books (e-books or print), brochures, flyers, posters, presentations, magazines and even newspapers. This tool, can be used together with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to publish content designed for tablet devices.

Media Encoder: For outputting video files into the desired formats.

Muse: This is for web designers who’d like to build websites without having to write the complicated code involved.

Photoshop: This is an image and raster-graphics editor with many different tools that can be used in manipulating any aspect of a digital photo such as drawing, painting, retouching, measuring, selection, and navigation, among others. This application can also be used for cropping, color grading, color adjustments, and more.

Photoshop Lightroom: A tool for photo processing and image organization.

Prelude: Used for importing and logging tape-less media.

Premiere Pro: An application for real-time non-linear video editing.

Scout: A tool for profiling Flash-based SWF files.

Spark: a series of visual storytelling tools that include Spark Video, Spark Page and Spark Post.

SpeedGrade: This tool is used for performing color correction on projects started in Adobe Premiere.

Story Plus: Designed for use by creatives in the film and television industries, this is an internet-based screenwriting and pre-production application. Story Plus integrates into the other included Premiere Pro applications.

Adobe Encore (disc authoring) and Adobe Fireworks (web-based image editor) are apps that have both been discontinued however, Creative Cloud users can still download them.


Aside the desktop applications, Creative Cloud also offers mobile versions of some apps made compatible with the iOS and Android platforms. Some of these apps are:

Adobe Capture CC: A suite of apps which can be used to turn images into a color themes, patterns or unique brushes. The smaller applications that make up Capture include Brush CC, Color CC, Hue CC, and Shape CC.

Adobe Comp CC: An iOS only app used for software layout and design creation.

Adobe Photoshop Fix: Used for color correction, image restoration, and retouching.

Adobe Photoshop Mix: A layer-based image editing tool for mobile devices.

Adobe Preview CC: As the name suggests, this app is for previewing mobile designs.

Adobe Premiere Clip: a mobile version of Adobe Premiere designed for smaller, clip-based projects.

Illustrator Draw: An application for vector drawing.

Lightroom Mobile: Mobile version of the desktop-based Photoshop Lightroom image editor.

Photoshop Sketch: Application used for sketches, or expressive drawing.


Depending on your need, there are several options to choose from; for individuals, businesses, students and teachers, as well as educational institutions.


Perfect for people who would need the Adobe software for their own personal use. These are the packages available in the individual plan: Contact JBKlutse Ventures – 0245721815.

Business Options

Business plans allow you to reassign licenses to new users as and when your business needs change, use collaborative video editing features, as well as get volume discounts for 10 seats or more.
These are the packages available in the business plan: Contact JBKlutse Ventures – 0245721815.

Student and Teacher Option

Students and teachers get a significant discount on the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite. An individual must be enrolled in university or college, primary or secondary school, or homeschool.

Schools and Universities

Since such institutions often have shared devices, you can license the Adobe Creative Cloud by named user or by shared device.

For the named user: Contact JBKlutse Ventures – 0245721815.

By Shared Device: Contact JBKlutse Ventures – 0245721815.


Getting an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription means you get access to the full suite of applications it’s made up of. Whereas in the past, normal software updates and new additions might mean you’ll have to make a new purchase, Creative Cloud updates are available at no extra cost to you.

You also gain access to the Adobe cloud so you can sync and share data across devices. With this, you’re able to access native Adobe files (ai, psd, etc.) from your mobile devices so you can share them with clients and co-workers.


Contact JBKlutse Ventures, an Adobe Certified Reseller in Ghana. Reach JBKlutse Ventures using these mobile contacts: 0245 721815 / 0272 839333


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