Tips to protect your iPhone

Our phones are vulnerable to damage, especially when we travel abroad, and most of us have loaded our smartphones with personal information.

If the phone is stolen, there is a risk that the thieves will steal confidential info such as credit card details, account passwords, and personal photos. They can access bank accounts and carry out identity theft.

Apart from being mugged, there’s also the possibility that you might accidentally drop your cellphone in a swimming pool, ocean, or a water park.

However, there’s no need to worry. If you’re travelling to a new place, consider taking the following steps to keep your iPhone safe during your travel and stay.

1. Password Protect Your Phone

Password protecting your phone is the first line of defence against getting your phone stolen.

You need to protect your phone using a strong password. Make sure that the password contains at least one numeric and one special character like an asterisk or an exclamation mark.

In addition, you can use IRIS scanner or fingerprint scanner to add an extra level of protection.

2. Enable Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a free iCloud feature that can help you get your phone back if it’s stolen. The feature makes use of the built-in GPS to find out the exact location of the phone.

The feature is available if your phone is running on iOS 5 or higher. You can find the option in the iCloud account setting. In iOS 5 or higher, you will have to enter a password to turn off the feature. This will prevent thieves from disabling the feature.

In the event your phone gets stolen, you can log on to the iCloud account using a PC and track the thieves as they roam around the city with your phone. The police can also track down your phone using the feature.

3. Buy an iPhone x waterproof case

When vacationing in a beach city, your iPhone may get damaged when you take a dip with your phone in your pocket.

To prevent your phone from getting damaged in water, you should buy a iphone x waterproof case. Consider buying a good quality waterproof case good quality waterproof case with an IP68 rating. The case can protect your phone even when you’re 33 feet under water.

4. Use a Screen Protector

A screen protector can protect your phone from scratches, and some high-quality screen protectors are also shockproof. The protector will absorb an impact when your phone is dropped from a height.

Buy a good quality protector that is shockproof for over 16 feet. With this protector, you will never have to worry about your phone dropping from your pant pocket or purse when taking part in activities like horse-riding, skating, or cycling.

5. Pay Attention to Your Surrounding

If you walk around in a foreign place listening to music on your smartphone, thieves will be attracted to you like bees to honey. Going around the town like this is a clear invitation for theft.

You need to pay attention when outside. A person standing close to you, group of kids playing nearby, and a bicycle ridden in your direction can all pose a threat.

By staying vigilant, you can keep pickpocketers at bay and your iPhone safe while vacationing abroad.

6. Store Your Phone Smartly

You should never keep your phone in the back pocket because that is where most pickpocketers look for it.

Consider keeping your phone in the front or the inside pocket of your jacket.

Never leave your phone in the hotel room. If you don’t want to use the phone, simply shut it down and keep it with you.

7. Setup Data Encryption

You should set up data encryption on your iPhone device. This may require you to set a PIN number.

Setting up data encryption will ensure that your sensitive data remains safe and secure. It will prevent thieves from accessing your confidential data.

8. Switch off the Wi-Fi

Hackers can hack into a smartphone connected to a public Wi-Fi. To avoid the prospect of getting your smartphone hacked, you should never access the net through a public wireless connection.

9. Note Down the Registration Number

You should note down the registration number of your smartphone. Every device has a unique 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. This number identifies the handset.

If your phone is stolen, you can get the phone locked by giving the IMEI number to the telecom service provider. This will make your phone useless to the thieves.

iPhones represent more than just a status symbol. The phones are an essential part of most people’s lives. We take our phones with us everywhere, even on vacation abroad. Following the tips mentioned above can help you keep your phone completely safe and secure.

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