8 ways to rock your Tote bags

8 ways to rock your Tote bags

Summer is finally here with us and with the season comes the need to look good and carry items around to parties, the beach, and other places. Tote bags are one of the simple and effective ways to carry personal items from one point to the other.

The tote bag has over time evolved and become more than just a way to carry important things from one point to another. They are now a fashion statement, and when you wear them properly, they can complement and take your outfit to the next level.

Here are a few tips and pointers to help you properly match your tote bags with your outfits.

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1. The Bohemian Chic way

Summer is the perfect season to break out those long and beautiful sundresses. The free cotton dresses are perfect for all occasions starting from casual outings, picnics and simple days on the beach. Here is an outfit and tote combination which would be perfect any summer:

  • The long white cotton dress with a bareback, one that shows off your silhouette.
  • A straw hat with amazing flower detailing
  • Matching white snickers
  • A denim tote bag in colour like blue. The canvas material which makes up the keyboard should be large and sturdy. The material is also strong to hold a lot of weight. A canvas tote will hold your books when you are going to college or summer school, beach accessories and everything else that you need to carry without you having to worry about it snapping.

This set up is guaranteed to give you a chic, laid back bohemian look which you will set you apart from this summer.

2. Baby Pink Princess

Another amazing way that you can wear a tote bag is creating a look that I like calling the pink baby princess. To bring this look to life, you will need the following items of fashion:

  • A boxy denim jacket which works perfectly with any summer skirt.
  • A slightly oversize white summer T-shirt
  • A tulle summer skirt, preferably knee length
  • Sporty sneakers because summers are for long walks and sporting activities
  • A pink summer cap to tie the look together
  • The piece which ties it all together, a pink canvas tote bag made from a tough material such as canvas.
  • You can add cute accessories such as a rosy gold ring or a chain to complete the look.

3. The Audrey 

Haven’t we all at some point wished that we could be half as elegant as Audre Hepburn when we head to the office in the morning? Well, pulling off the look may seem a little close to impossible, especially when you have lots of stuff to haul from the house. Here are the items which you will need to help you put together this lady in all her vintage flair:

  • A knee-length cloche dress. It can be retro and preferably white or another neutral colour.
  • A jute tote bag, which is perfect for the office; again, go for neutral colours such as brown, grey, and white.
  • Brown sandals, preferably strappy and made from leather; wooden heels will perfect the vintage style.
  • A wooden-themed wristwatch

When this outfit comes together, it does not matter what you are carrying in your bag; you will pull it off in an amazingly perfect manner.

4. The Rock Star in the Streets

Another amazing style that you can pull off this summer is what we call the rock star. This is a stylish and laid back look which you can rock to the parties, a picnic and any other activity that you can imagine. The following fashion items are what you will need to make this look perfect:

  • A slouchy sweater for the time of the day when the temperatures drop. Colours like grey and white should work perfectly.
  • High waist skinny jeans, preferably distressed or styled in another risqué way. Black and navy blue would be the ideal colours.
  • A white top with short sleeves, a crop top will also be amazing.
  • Comfortable sneakers in neutral colours such as black and white
  • A leather choker with metallic ring detail

To bring this entire look together, get a black and white tote bag, preferably two-toned and with strong straps. The tote will perfect the look and also be the perfect storage for fashion items, grocery and everything else in between.

5. The Fashionable Disco Girl

The amazing thing about fashion is how it is all about cycling back to the trends that were hot years ago and making them new and amazing. The fashionable disco girl is an 80’s look that you can accessorize with a tote and make the perfect outfit for a night out in the city. Here is what you will need to make the look:

  • A white strapped top that leaves most of your shoulder area and back bare.
  • High waist silk trousers, preferably with flower detailing and flared legs
  • A straw beach hat. Go for bold colours like pink or sky blue
  • String sandals with a platform sole in a neutral colour like brown.
  • A large jute tote bag to put all of your picnic or beach items

6. City Summer Girl

This is a look that will need the following items to complete:

  • A blue denim dress
  • String platform shoes, dark brown would be perfect.
  • A dark brown straw fedora hat
  • Cute sunglasses

Bring this look together with a brown canvas tote bag to carry all your essentials.

7. Casual and Functional

Another great way to wear a tote is a casual yet functional style. To bring it together, you will need:

  • Cotton boyfriend pants, black is a perfect colour
  • A grey sweater top
  • Nude flats
  • A cute black hat

To bring this look together, get a brown leather tote to carry all of your important items.

8. The Fearless Adventurer

Summer is the perfect time to show those legs that you have been toning with workouts throughout the winter. To bring this look to life, you will need:

  • Cute denim booty shorts
  • A long-sleeved white cotton shirt
  • Green snickers
  • A camo tote bag, made from canvas

You can get black square sunglasses to complete the look.

Those are just eight suggestions of how you can wear your snickers. There are hundreds of other amazing ways that you can pair up BrandMe Totes with your wardrobe and make this summer one long and memorable fashion statement.

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