The Coronavirus pandemic has affected so many nations, and it has become necessary for social distancing to reduce the spread. However, we cannot let the time we spend at home be tedious or fruitless. If you have been thinking long and hard about what to do while you stay  home, here is a list of 8 fun activities to keep you busy while under COVID-19 lockdown;

1. Get closer to God

8 fun things to do at home while under COVID-19 lockdownPin
This is a perfect time for building a relationship with God. You may have been so caught up with life, routines and work that you don’t often do the needful with your Maker. Rush hour for work has gone down, wake up early in the morning and pray. Read your Bible as well as Christian books and be in sync with the word of God for edification.

2. Learn something new

8 fun things to do at home while under COVID-19 lockdownPin
You have a lot of time on your hands now not to learn something new. This is the time to do that online course, learn the baking you’ve always been postponing. You can find a new hobby, try new recipes, paint or sketch, etc. There are a lot of DIY’s (do it yourself) videos online you can learn from. Get a new craft if you can, it doesn’t hurt to add something new to your skillset.

3. Quality time with family

8 fun things to do at home while under COVID-19 lockdownPin
We often spend less time with family due to our busy lifestyles. Let’s just say this quarantine is allowing us to give our families all the time we have. If you are married, you can check off a lot of home activities on your to-do list with your spouse. If you have kids, get busy with them. Make memories you will cherish forever.

4. Clean or organise

8 fun things to do at home while under COVID-19 lockdownPin
One thing we easily postpone is cleaning or organising our rooms. Most people have had their curtains hanging since last year. Use this time to wash them. If you have been yearning to re-arrange the sofa in your room or clean the floor, this is your golden moment. Take charge!


5. Exercise and detox

8 fun things to do at home while under COVID-19 lockdownPin
It is important to keep fit even in this season. Make sure to do some daily exercise to optimize your health. Skipping rope, push ups, squats and sit-ups are just a few you can do. Just Make sure they are indoor exercises. This is also a good time to detox. Eliminate the toxins from your body and lose a little weight if you want to.

6. Study or create a business plan

8 fun things to do at home while under COVID-19 lockdownPin
If you are a student, this doesn’t mean an end to studying. You might have been struggling with a particular subject or topic, use the time to surf the internet for more information. For those who love business or been wanting to start something of their own, seize the moment and draw your business plan. Do the research you need to organize all your ideas to have a good start when all this blow is over.

7. Self-reflection and evaluation

8 fun things to do at home while under COVID-19 lockdownPin
We make resolutions and plans when the year starts, and most often, we forget about them by the end of the first quarter. What have you achieved so far? You might want to use this quality time to reflect on all your resolutions and plans to evaluate yourself. This way, you would know if you need to re-strategize or abort.

8. Watch a new show

8 fun things to do at home while under COVID-19 lockdownPin
Entertainment is necessary to keep you sane and excited in these critical times. Thankfully we have Netflix and other channels available. Binge watch a new show to keep you entertained. Technology has even made it possible for you to create your videos and share across the world to put a smile on someone’s face. You can create your TikTok videos and share them to make it more fun.
Staying home doesn’t have to be boring. This is the universe telling you to work on your dream in isolation. Stay indoors, do one or more of the above to keep you busy and entertained. And above all, let’s endeavor to wash our hands thoroughly and sanitize as often as we have to, to make the world a better place.


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