Wood Floor Cleaning Tips

If you would like a rustic, earthy finish on your floor, the best choice is to opt for wooden floors. Besides the appearance, this floor is durable and can last decades if it is well cared for. The damage on these floors usually occurs when they are cleaned. To maintain the floor’s appearance, you need to choose the cleaning essentials carefully.

Look out for debris that could scratch the floor

Before you start cleaning the floor, it is vital for you to consider the damage any debris will have on it. What you use to clean will determine the impact dust and dirt has on the floor. For example, if you use a vacuum with a floor-brush attachment, you will reduce the possibility of scratching. However, if you use a beater bar attachment, the damage on the surface of the floor could be extensive and will eventually ruin the appearance of your floor.

Deep clean with one part vinegar to 10 parts warm water

Wooden floors also need to be deep cleaned otherwise dirt, and grime will build up. You may choose to use commercial cleaner but be sure it is not harsh on the wood. Alternatively, you can use vinegar and warm water if you are concerned about the content in other cleaners.

Do not leave water on the floor

Water will damage wooden floors, especially if it is left standing for some time. Doing this frequently will result in rotting or development of water stains. To ensure the floor is free of water, use a damp mop as opposed to a wet one. When you are done, dry any excess water using a soft dry cloth.

Clean a small area at a time

Since water will damage your floor if it is left sitting for a long time, it would be best if you cleaned the floor in portions. Go through the cleaning process and even dry it with a dry cloth before moving to another section of the floor. This way you do not retain watermarks or have a ruined floor resulting from poor cleaning styles.

Avoid oils and furniture sprays

You might be tempted to use furniture spray on your floor, after all, it works so well on the wooden furniture, right? Unfortunately, when used on wood floors, the outcome will be a slippery floor which will be an accident waiting to happen.

Clean spills as soon as they happen

You stand a chance of protecting your floor from stain damage by cleaning it as soon as it happens. If you let spills, like milk, wine or pet urine remain unattended for some time, the damage on your floor could be long term and unsightly.

Come up with a cleaning schedule

Since wooden floors are delicate and need utmost care, it is best for you to determine the daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning needs. For example, mopping every day will eventually damage the floor. It is essential that you to decide which part of the floor needs frequent cleaning and which one does not. An area that sees heavy foot traffic will need regular cleaning.

How you tend to your floor will influence its appearance a year or two from today. It is critical for you to look at the finishing of the floor even as you come up with ways to clean your floors.


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